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Yo you wanna destroy stuff as a deathclaw? this mod will allow you to do just that.

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Pipboy For Everyone Pip pad patch included. 

--------------------------> THIS IS CTD IF YOU TRY TO USING POWER ARMOR, SO DON'T! <-------------------------- 

--------------------------> DO NOT USE THE CHANGE FORM ITEMS IN THE PIPBOY, IT WILL LOCK UP THE SCREEN!! INSTEAD HOTKEY THEM <--------------------------

Yo you wanna destroy stuff as a deathclaw? this mod will allow you to do just that.

So these will be easy steps to get this up and running if reading is too hard you can check out the video that does these steps easily.

First you need to load up your game and click on yourself in the console and enter one of these races:

ORRRRRRRRR You can go to a chemlab and pick one of the items for each race. hotkey the item to your fav menu and use it like that and you will turn into the creature. DO NOT use in it the pipboy, it will lock the game up and you will have to reload a save to fix it. Theres also a human item in case you need to turn back into a human.


Vanilla -

Human - Human

1Deathclaw - Deathclaw = Smaller horns compared to the albino model.

11Deathclaw - Deathclaw Curved Horned
111Deathclaw - Deathclaw Outward Horned  
1111Deathclaw - Deathclaw One Horned
11111Deathclaw - Deathclaw Large Horned

2Deathclaw - Deathclaw Albino = Large Horned 

22Deathclaw - Deathclaw Albino Alpha
222Deathclaw - Deathclaw Albino Matriarch
2222Deathclaw - Deathclaw Albino Savage
22222Deathclaw - Deathclaw Albino Small Horned

3Deathclaw - Deathclaw Alpha = Curved Horned 

33Deathclaw - Deathclaw Alpha Albino
333Deathclaw - Deathclaw Alpha Matriarch
3333Deathclaw - Deathclaw Alpha Savage
33333Deathclaw - Deathclaw Alpha Small Horned

4Deathclaw - Deathclaw Chameleon Green = Small Horned, all chameleons share a unique mesh which is animated and wouldnt work on other models

44Deathclaw - Deathclaw Chameleon Blue
444Deathclaw - Deathclaw Chameleon Red

5Deathclaw - Deathclaw Glowing

55Deathclaw - Deathclaw Glowing Albino
555Deathclaw - Deathclaw Glowing Alpha
5555Deathclaw - Deathclaw Glowing Matriarch
55555Deathclaw - Deathclaw Glowing Savage

6Deathclaw - Deathclaw Matriarch = Outward Horned 

66Deathclaw - Deathclaw Matriarch Albino
666Deathclaw - Deathclaw Matriarch Alpha
6666Deathclaw - Deathclaw Matriarch Savage
66666Deathclaw - Deathclaw Matriarch Small Horned

7Deathclaw - Deathclaw Savage = One Horned

77Deathclaw - Deathclaw Savage Albino
777Deathclaw - Deathclaw Savage Alpha
7777Deathclaw - Deathclaw Savage Matriarch
77777Deathclaw - Deathclaw Savage Small Horned

Far Harbor -

1Gulper - Gulper

2Gulper - Young Gulper
3Gulper - Gulper Devourer
4Gulper - Gulper Glowing
5Gulper - Green Gulper
6Gulper - Clean Gulper

Nuka World - 

1Gatorclaw - Gatorclaw
2Gatorclaw - Gatorclaw Albino

3Gatorclaw - Gatorclaw D = Uses deathclaw textures but with a gatorclaw model. There will be misplaced textures around the head and nails

4Gatorclaw - Gatorclaw D Alpha
5Gatorclaw - Gatorclaw D Matriarch
6Gatorclaw - Gatorclaw D Savage
7Gatorclaw - Gatorclaw D Glowing
8Gatorclaw - Gatorclaw D Quantum 

1QDeathclaw - Quantum Deathclaw

2QDeathclaw - Quantum Deathclaw Albino
3QDeathclaw - Quantum Deathclaw Alpha
4QDeathclaw - Quantum Deathclaw Matriarch
5QDeathclaw - Quantum Deathclaw Savage

8Deathclaw - Deathclaw G = Gatorclaw texures but deathclaw model.

88Deathclaw - Deathclaw G Albino
888Deathclaw - Deathclaw G Alpha
8888Deathclaw - Deathclaw G Matriarch
88888Deathclaw - Deathclaw G Savage

After that change your fov to a higher number so you can see better "fov #"  EDITED
Also moving the camera and moving at the sometimes causes the deathclaw to constantly turn around, its quite annoying. EDITED

This overwrites the power armors skeleton and behavior files but they will have a alternate folder path so it wont conflict with them. but entering a power armor while is mod is enable will crash the game. EDITED

I didnt show it in the video but theres some more attacks you can do.

1 - By pressing the both left and right button (LMB and RMB) (LT and RT OR L2  and R2)  you will do a aoe attack while standing. While moving forward you will do a horn ram, while moving backwards you will do a table arm flip attack.

2 - Pressing the melee button (LEFT ALT?) ( RB or R1) You will do a killcam type move on a humanoid person. While moving backwards you will do a right arm attack, and while moving forward, you wiil do a jump slash attack.

3 - You can also jump. sometimes.

4 - Holding (RMB) RT or R2 you will do a forward claw attack and holding (LMB)  LT or L2 will do a left arm attack.

5 - Pressing the melee/bash/throwGrenada button will allow you to do killcam animations on humanoid characters. Pressing that same better while moving backwards will do a right arm claw slash. Pressing it while moving forward will jumping arm slash that launches u into the attack

vats does not work in 3rd person. I cannot figure out why they cant attack while standing still, it does not work, they can only do normal attacks while moving.

With the lastest version you will be able to craft many different types of deathclaws, gulpers and gatorclaws. 

You can also craft some idles that plays when you click on them, u will need to hotkey these as well. 

You can also craft a faction item that adds the player into the creatures group which will stop them from attacking you if they have not been turned hostile yet. Note: Some friendly npcs wont like these factions and may attack you.

Heres a up to date video of the lastest version -

Skip to 3:44 if you want deathclaw