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This mod attempts to replicate the Fallout: New Vegas style of ammunition crafting. In the settlement menu you can build a Reloading bench, which is host to several methods for creating ammunition.

The Reloading workbench is the main focal point of the mod. All recipes are completed at this workbench. The workbench costs 5 Lead, 5 Gears, 10
Steel and 10 Wood.

You can alter settings for the mod by using the "Settings [Craftable Ammunition]" holotape. The options are as follows:

Component Output:
# Massive (200%)
# Regular (100%)
# Small (50%)
# Minimal (20%)

Perk Restrictions
# On
# Off

This options allows you to lock in your settings. This is meant for people who don't want the temptation of changing the settings. Commiting to this action will remove the "Settings [Craftable Ammunition]" holotape permanantly.

The following list are the components added by the mod, and used by the recipes for ammunition crafting. The recipes to create these are found under 'Components' at the Reloading workbench.

  • Case, .308
  • Case, .38
  • Case, .44
  • Case, .45-70
  • Case, .45
  • Case, .50
  • Case, 10mm
  • Case, 5mm
  • Case, 5.56mm
  • Case, Hull
  • Fuel Canister
  • Gunpowder
  • Processed Lead
  • Primer

Ballistic ammunition is created by crafting together the correct Case with Processed Lead, Gunpowder and Primer. The amount of Processed Lead, Gunpowder and Primer needed for each batch of ammunition differs. The recipes for construction can be found under the categories 'Construction' and 'Batch Construction'.

The following is a list of the ammunition types available in this mod:

  • .308 round
  • .38 round
  • .44 round
  • .45 round
  • .45-70 round
  • .50 round
  • 10mm round
  • 5mm round
  • 5.56mm round
  • Shotgun Shell
  • Flamer Fuel
  • Missile
  • Mini Nuke
  • Fusion Cell
  • Plasma Cartridge
  • Gamma round
  • 2mm EC
  • Cryo Cell

If you have excess ammunition, you can reclaim the constituent parts and use them to make your desired ammunition. This is only available for ballistic  ammunition, energy ammunition has to be recycled. The recipes for reclamation can be found under the categories 'Reclamation' and 'Batch Reclamation'.

To create new energy weapon ammunition (Fusion Cell, Plasma Cartridge and 2mm EC) you have to recycle any ammunition you currently have into your desired type. The recipes for recycling can be found under the categories 'Recycling' and 'Batch Recycling'.

Fusion Cells can also be made in a separate recipe, requiring only raw components.

There are additional recipes under 'Unique' that allow you to build Gamma rounds, Cannonballs, Railway Spikes, Missiles, Harpoons, Nuka Grenades and Mini Nukes.