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Summon NPCs to fight with an awesome pokeball!

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Gotta kill em all, Pokemon!...wait thats not how it goes...

Adds over 25 NPC Pokeballs that summon NPC's to fight when used, Fallout Pokemon style....So the pokemon generally want to eat/shoot you instead of help.

Check out a battle between my well trained Behemoth and some wild raiders...in true wasteland Pokemon, no one wins.
Also thanks Westname and jaycestyles for the spotlights. 

Adds the legendary form of all the NPC's listed below.  
Each one is linked to a level lists, so while legendary they're still at your level.
They pokeballs are created at the chemistry workstation, under the catagory "Pokeball", each with its own unique recipe.

The List!
  1. Assaultron
  2. Bloatfly
  3. Bloodbug
  4. Deathclaw
  5. Feral Ghoul
  6. Glowing One
  7. Gorilla
  8. Gunner
  9. Mirelurk
  10. Molerat
  11. Mr Gutsy
  12. Mutant Hound
  13. Radroach
  14. Radscorpion
  15. Radstag
  16. Raider
  17. Sentry Bot
  18. Stingwing
  19. Super Mutant
  20. Synth
  21. Triggerman
  22. Vicious Dog
  23. Yau Guai
  24. Swan
  25. Mirelurk Queen
  26. Behemoth
  27. Protectron
  28. Brotherhood Soldier 
  29. Brotherhood Power Armor
  30. Minutemen
  31. Railroad Agent
  32. Raider Mob
  33. Ghoul Pack
  34. Brotherhood Squad

27. to 31. Are Neutral or an Ally, some actual friendly help!
32. to 34. Are Multi Throw Pokeballs, one use and you'll summon 5 NPCs!

Random Pokeball as well, randomly chooses from the whole list....May be friendly...Most likely wont haha..

There is also a non pokemon themed version for the more immersive type. Download in place off, not with.

*If you dont want to use the workbench*

Hit ~ to get into the console, type "help pokeball 4 weap" and you'll be provided with a list of the formID's. Use the usual format of "player.additem formid amount" to add them directly to your inventory. 

Substitute pokeball for grenade if using the immersive version.


Recommend using NMM,and install as any other mod.

v1.2 Added Legendary Railroad Agent and 3 Multi Throw Pokeballs.
Added 4 New Friendly Npcs and the Random Pokeball.

Mobs spawns of multiple NPCs per Pokeball.
Always working on more NPC's.
Let me know of any that you think should be on the list or would just like to see!

Misc Info
Only adds new weapons, so no compatibility issues.
Made entirely with FO4Edit.
Still use mod at own risk I suppose.

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As always - Any comments, bugs, or suggestions always welcomed.