Margret - Keeping a promise

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  1. Asaforg
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    • 117 kudos
    Very nice action set Heike and I love the sharp blues in these shots.
  2. graykin4
    • premium
    • 2,696 posts
    • 154 kudos
    Very evocative imagery! Intense and interesting expressions on Margret's face also!
  3. mixlmax
    • premium
    • 2,590 posts
    • 61 kudos
    oh ja, sehr genossen...das letzte ist wieder mein Favorit

    Aber die Quest mit Bobby hatte ich um ehrlich zu sein nur einmal gespielt, weil manche Sachen wie die Wegfindung mich echt zum Wahnsinn getrieben haben.
  4. hammersmcp
    • premium
    • 6,186 posts
    • 52 kudos
    It's been a while since I played this quest but I think Margret may want to stop and see Mayor Hancock before she heads for home. He will probably want to thank her personally for the way she handled Bobbi.
    Very clever to get a picture of Nick looking like he's reading a letter.
    Once again, Margret is stunning in the flight suit.
    A lot of color variation. I like the foggy picture with the drilling machine (can't recall its name right now) and the one above it, but who is wearing the power armor?
    Those radstorms - like a real life thunderstorm - always fascinating so we keep taking pictures of them.

  5. Darksaber87
    • member
    • 9,117 posts
    • 94 kudos
    Very action packed set, Heike. I enjoyed it a lot.
  6. rth119
    • premium
    • 7,885 posts
    • 87 kudos
    excellent set and then there is Margret. it is like...

    it's like

  7. IheartRunningman
    • member
    • 5,166 posts
    • 189 kudos
    Beautiful images with the ENB with nice locational shots!
  8. wadelycan
    • premium
    • 4,960 posts
    • 71 kudos
    Great radstorm and ghoul shots. I have not played this for a long time, but do remember that quest, and Valentine got his noodles
  9. RatherWindy
    • account closed
    • 23,990 posts
    • 163 kudos
    Margret kennt sich schon gut aus. Dieser quest hat mich immer spass gemacht und finde es toll die mal durch deine augen zu sehen (oder lieber margret's augen,.. ;) )
    Das letzte bild ist schon toll , betimmt ein schoner blickwinckel wie du die genommen hast,..
  10. karoshi81
    • premium
    • 3,475 posts
    • 75 kudos
    oh Frau... das letzte Bild mal wieder *pfeif* ... ich liebe die Ghule in FO4, mal was anderes als Zombies