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Hey folks!
This is one of my "countdown" pics...This is the first of just a few more...
Countdown means I will finally show off all of my ladies beginning with Valerie today!

When I am done with this series I am done posting screens for a long time i think, due to a really happy event that happened in my real life.

I will still be around here supporting you whenever I have time to do so, but I don´t think I can find the time for showing you new least for a period of time.

So all of you take care and keep up the wonderful work!


  1. rparish4
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    Family first bro,
    stay in touch & take it easy,
    Cheers Rob
    1. BarakThor
      • supporter
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      Yeah you got it bro!
      Family´s always first
      And this won´t change through my entire life!
  2. Vinovat
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    While it saddens me to hear that you are taking a brake, i'm very happy for you!

    Whatever happens, we all support you!
    And if anything happens and you want someone to speak to, remember that we ar all here for you!

    SIncerely Vinovat (and i'm sure eveyrbody else)

    1. BarakThor
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      Hey Vinovat!

      Thx for your kind words really appreciate that!
      A break is nothing to worry about. I am like a tree...after every fall, there´s a new beginning...hop you get what I´m about to say hahahaha...
  3. mixlmax
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    looking good

    And congrats to your happy event, hope everything goes well for you.
    1. BarakThor
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      Thanks Max!

      Of course it will, nothing to worry about