Cait's Combat Zone Outfit

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Whipped up a little something custom for Cait.  Almost finished, will be releasing soon.  Might add more patches and studs and little things.

If I have time I'll be doing a male version as well.

This will also come with spiked leather gloves (not shown.)


  1. damionrayne
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    Are you planning on updating your free mods?
  2. captainlnsano
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    One day ...
  3. bloxyman
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    What happened to this??? I was hyped to have this!
  4. Foedawg
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    Looks awesome. Can't wait to use it <3
  5. OmniNodachi
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    Don't forget to add ballistic weave.
  6. blAnkBanana12
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    Any updates on the WEST TEK tactical gloves?
  7. Partyw0lf
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    Great job on the outfit. Just replace the boots with roller skates and give her a helmet; and she's off to the roller derby.

    I think bethesda missed out on how New Vegas characters like Raul or Boone would change in appearance after you completed their story side quest. (I think only Curie had a big change). It would've been great if Cate wore a raider/pit fighter outfit with crazy caked on makeup while she was jacked up on chems. When completing her affinity quest and get her clean from chems, then she could loose some makeup and have a different outfit with something that bumps her stats or weapons.

    Very cool concept, keep it up.
  8. drhamm
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    Looks awesome and practical! The joint pads and bloused boots (or pants tucked into the boots, in civilian terms) add to authentic feel, IMHO. Will the top and bottom be separate pieces so they can be mixed and matched with pieces from other outfits?

    And yeah, if you end up getting around to a male version, that'd be cool, too.
  9. wolfgrimdark
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    Oh I think Cait will like this