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More progress on "Militarized Minutemen", I was ready to let this one die, but people seemed interested in seeing it finished , so I might as well continue.

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  1. chillshock
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    I really like this work! And really nice to see the progress. I myself have always thought the minutemen helmet should be like the UN-Blue-Helmets - them being "peacekeeping forces" (what an oxymoron), maybe consider it?

    This also looks like it could work awesome with the NCR troops moving in and having the minutemen similar, but clearly distinct. All we then need it some "reds" moving in from their base and have a proper trench warfare.
    1. SaturnVII
      • member
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      Minutemen form an "Eastern NCR"

      NCR and "Eastern NCR" duke it out in some classical European "F*ck all these other guys" nationalism.

      Year 2400 baby!
    2. n0sf3ratu
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      Mmm, an NCR-CPG War would be glorious to behold.
  2. FigaroDLC
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    Corvalho1, this is truly impressive work.

    I like the firm balance this set poses between where the Minutemen stand currently, and where they are going with the General's leadership. From disorganized and disillusioned to organized and effective against the looming and ubiquitous threats of Gunners, Raiders and all else who would thwart the beauty of free-living people in Minutemen settlements.

    Your art speaks volumes and to me, this is by far the best representation of the Minutemen in cloth, leather, polymer and steel.

    Thanks for this and I wish you all the success and encouragement to bring this mod to fruition!
  3. harkness13
    • supporter
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    If you can make a Minuteman General's Outfit replacer that looks and feels both unique and ceremonial to go along with this, I'll buy you the biggest hug you've ever seen.

    The rest of this is legitness, though. Keep on it, my dude!
  4. 8bitSpartan141
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    if this is compatible with the We Are The Minutemen mod, I will make a mess in my pants
  5. dudethevillian
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    I love it. Thanks for this Corvalho1.
  6. TheLoneWandereer
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    If this beats NCR Minutemen mod, I will love this mod forever on xbox
  7. circa9112
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    This looks so righteous. Any plans on making a patch for FCOM? After you release this, that is!
  8. Heatysaber
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    This looks amazing. Will you add any knife images to the legs/arms, or any backpacks? Either way, this is just fantastic!
  9. KaotiX86
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    This looks like its going to be amazing, please keep going with this.
  10. who101
    • supporter
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    Holy Crap! this looks amazing! Please don't kill it. I love how it actually manages to capture the new england colonial look but also make it modern. Hope there is a blue General version.