Autocannibalism Deux

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  1. carnagefiend
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    Curious to see the history with that guy. Some of the dialogue was pretty unclear, obviously intended I'm sure. Either way, my mother used to have hallucinations, and the way she described them used to terrify me. Very little has chilled me more than those, and until this day I still feel leery around people that claim they see or hear voices in their heads.
    1. GrendelofSiealvgrund
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      His appearance should imply a bit. Skiddah's motivations for helping Nora have some things to do with his death.

      A person I work with semi-regularly often has auditory hallucinations. It disturbs me sometimes how convinced he was they were real, when he had an "episode." Even the more lowkey, non anxious ones were bothering.

      I remember we were having a regular conversation one time and he started referencing something that the local radio host was talking about. The radio was turned off, of course, and it was just us within earshot. It was so subtle that I just agreed with him because he'd become agitated when he realized what was going on.

      Not to sound kitschy, but it's disturbing sometimes how fragile our perception of reality vs. fantasy really is.
  2. DaveBoss1
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    its a wordwrap which happens when you change the description a lot (in short time periods) i have this (soemtimes) too