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Junkmaster Chinese Assault Rifle Progress

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  1. azrielmoha
    • member
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    Hey, I've heard about this Junkmaster mod, and I've a question, why the mod isn't available in Nexus, I'm assuming there's already enough content since you've released it on Beth.net.
    1. Kung Fu Man
      Kung Fu Man
      • member
      • 226 posts
      • 41 kudos
      Personal preference really: I started on BethNet, the folks there were pretty welcoming, and I update rather frequently so it's easier to let folks know "Hey check this new stuff". Nexus isn't bad, it's just not where I hand my hat usually.
    2. dudethevillian
      • member
      • 156 posts
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      What is your name on Bethnet?
    3. Kung Fu Man
      Kung Fu Man
      • member
      • 226 posts
      • 41 kudos
      I'm KungFuMan on there. Searching for Junkmaster should turn her right up.
  2. Zenchii
    • member
    • 246 posts
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    Looking good. I like how the color scheme seems to be a combination of the vanilla and winterized versions. Very nice!