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I'm planing to model a few military-ish uniforms for the minutemen, possibly to work with "We are the Minutemen" and standalone. I'll be posting more pics as I make progress.

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  1. andrewwelch1981
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    @ Corvalho1 - is this still being worked on and coming out? What's the ETA please? Lot's of us are waiting for this please let us know!
    1. ZeroNullZero
      • member
      • 122 posts
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      It's a free mod dude, it will come out eventually. You need to be more patient. I would rather wait and have it be relatively bug free than have it be released and be full of problems.
    2. shadowhunter388
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      It's been 4 months and I haven't found as close to a mentioning of if this has stopped. I am going to assume it is, but you can't blame him or anyone else who is asking the question when the author never puts a mention out there about this. It's a shame too, this is a AWESOME looking npc and EVERYTHING I wanted to be the minute men, these guys are amazing.
  2. SvalinnGaming
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    so im guessing this is dead in the water?
    1. TheEntireSovietUnion
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      Here's hoping it isn't.
  3. isa0005
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    I need this!
  4. wson
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    • 44 posts
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    Yeah man when is this awesome masterpeice released? :O
  5. TheFo3fan
    • member
    • 228 posts
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    Is this still being worked on? I would love to see this be ingame!
  6. ReaperXV22
    • member
    • 1 posts
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    How is it going looking forward to it can't wait must know please ????
  7. Kingsketcher
    • member
    • 69 posts
    • 2 kudos
    Hey Corvalho1

    Been looking into this for a while, and I can only say that I'm super excited for this

    I was wandering if you could do an status update any time soon? I'm litteraly checking in on nexus EVERY day and scrolling through the new mods and pictures looking for this
  8. Sakabato
    • member
    • 232 posts
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    Haaa finally! A mod that makes the Minutemen look like a functional 22th century paramilitary unit Awesome work!
  9. simonator208
    • member
    • 54 posts
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    this is going to be a great mod especially if it replaces all of the armors that come with We Are The Minutemen mod. I really dont like those blue armors.
  10. monrex666
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    • 43 posts
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    Really nice concept, you mod is like a wine, the more time it pass the better it will get.