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A "Redux" version of this mod: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/55341

Zuzuluk gave permission to upload it. Still tweaking some things e.g. placements in the world and balance. But shouldn't be long.


  1. whiskeyjack9105
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    Your work continues to impress. :)

    Will you be releasing a similar "Redux" version of the Kobold creature? Love that mod, and the texture work you've put into it, but the original plugin needs a bit of extra tweaking.

    In particular, when trying to ESL-ify it, the game CTD even before enabling it in a save. It also appears to add spawns outside of the creature to the world, such as Raiders and Gunners. I imagine the author wanted enemies for the Kobold to fight, but y'know... feature creep, and all that.
  2. Ragnarr1313
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    Looks kind of like a Tyranid bio-construct from 40K! Can't wait to put this in my game so I can kill it. lol. :)
  3. Wyrnox
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    Damn, that thing is terrifying!