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WARS WIP - M1911 02

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This is an image from a FO4 mod I'm working on called Weapon Addition and Replacement Suite (WARS).

The WIP thread can be found here.

I've been working on an M1911 for WARS, and here it is in Substance Painter!

The base M1911 itself is from this beautiful resource by Isildur - with some minor tweaks on my end. Just about all the other parts, attachments and skins for the M1911 are mine from scratch though. (I'll make a note when that's not the case.)

I'll have another five shots of the M1911 to show tomorrow too. I realise that I could just dump a bunch of images hosted on imgur or whatever into this description, but I prefer not to rely on external image hosting if I can help it. I learnt my lesson with photobucket. ;-)

For now though, here's the compact (short barrel) version - in both "blued" and "stainless". I'm not planning any other skins right now - because it's a lot of work and would bloat the file-size of the mod out like crazy - but I had to have at least these two options. (The stainless option was needed for the Hardballer Longslide, if nothing else.)


  1. BBbewlay
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    could we see the blued short barrel with the laser sight, back up irons, suppressor, extendo mag, foregrip, ect.? An all the bells and whistles post-war tacticool sort of thing. It was fun to see with your older guns.
    1. antistar
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      I'm in the middle of setting it up in the plugin, so I should be able to show some shots of it in-game before very long, yeah.

      I still need to do the animations for it after that (it's on Hitman's Glock anims at the moment as a placeholder), so it'll probably be mostly shots of it in the workbench menu or inventory at first.