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Water Cooled

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So a little while ago I bought a new PC with 4 case fans(3 in 1 out) and a Wraith CPU cooler.

I installed a few games and played happily for a few days, then installed and played

Forza Horizon 4, playing on ultra. Lasted about 5 minutes, then the PC shut down. Put my hand on the case

and yelped with heatburn. Then I put my hand back, just to be sure, and yelped again.

Gave it 10 minutes and started up the PC. Went into the bios, everything looked fine, all the fans were spinning and temps OK.

As I knew from experience that most monitoring sowtware like HWInfo is a bunch of crap, I installed AMD's own Ryzen Master program,

as that has been shown to have the most accurate temperature monitoring.

Tried a few other games, including Fallout 4, but didn't dare try FH4.

Ryzen Master showed my PC was dangerously overheating, idling at around 60'c, hitting 95'c under heavy load.

After seaching the internet I tried quite a few fan settings in the bios, and managed to get the temp down a bit, enough to run Fallout 4 for 20 minutes or so.

I also searched on CPU coolers.

Then I saw a lot of reviewers talking about all-in-one water cooling, where you don't have to fill reserviors and muck about too much.

As my case only has enough space for a single exit fan, I bought an Artic Liquid Freezer II 120.

I watched a video on how to install it, then did so this morning.

Pretty sure I did it wrong though, because it was super easy and only took about 15 minutes.

Watched another video on bios PWM fan settings and  now my PC sits at about 50'c at idle.

Tried playing F4, then tried FH4. Temps maxed out at 72'c. Woohoo!


  1. Reimar67
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    Super Cool now then

    Well done
  2. Bernt
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    • 41,926 posts
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    Good on you Daz My "old" Intel 5720 runs in the low 60es on full FO4 load with stock cooler. (But of course that is measured by HW monitor so.... ) Only recently did I go ultra when I got a new video card.
  3. 0nelazyBattlemaga
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    Good you got it cooling. I was going to suggest that it was not pumping. Had that happen with my rig, it shut down as soon as windows loaded. Hmm, that's odd. Connected a wire, ah, much better.
  4. Kalell
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    I don't know what CPU you have but your max temp is well within the safe limits of most CPUs. Your idle temp is a bit higher than usual, but that could be caused by a number of different things (it's summer, not having AC, etc) and probably won't hurt anything.
  5. Mipasa
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    Hmm 50 c idle seems alot, mine runs with a Intel i9 around 30'c for cpu and MB and my nvida gpu 1080ti around 40c idle.
    When running Fo4 heavy modded with loads of 4k stuff cpu goes to 45c max MB stays at 35 c and my gpu goes to max 70c.
    My kabinet/case though is designed for max cooling with liquid so maybe thats why the big differ
    But good to hear you happy and can play