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My Sanctuary build i m currently working on!
Heavly modded but worth it!

Trying to keep to aesthetics , While adding up to it!

Features recruitment/patrol/ building can be rearranged to fit Brotherhood or Minutemen!
Trade center for caravans
Player home
Sim settlements dependency due to SS plots being amazing and saving on your frame rates! 
Over 50 beds

And toons of features inside each home!

Still a W.I.P

To  Be Released when its ready


  1. anclave115
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    This looks amazing I love how organized it looks while maintaining that fallout rebuild look.
    1. tarkh23
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      • 82 posts
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      Thanks that's exactly what i m going for. still early tho and this is like a pos arrive of brotherhood /setting the minutemen up build!
      wouldn't consider it 100% lore friendly but i mean covenant managed to build concrete walls so why cant we XD
  2. SSGStryker
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    It looks fantastic. It just needs that touch of Four Seasons.
    1. tarkh23
      • member
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      yep still work in progress! this is just almost a base i m planning on adding more housing on the background by the old player house! and ofc then see with everything else! gonna be heavy since its a lot of items tho