Fallout 4
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Airship mod

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I feel like what i have done will work nicely ingame so i am announcing it, in a way.
This mod will feature an airship the player can build in stages using the settlement system.
You will be able to personally create destinations using beacons.
You will be able to control it remotely.
it will have an interior workbench.
Will work with both major dlcs.It will pretty much have all the features my VTO-redux mod has, just on a bigger scale.
You will be able to build it only. a fter witnessing the Prydwen arrival.


  1. minate
    • member
    • 57 posts
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    looks amazing
    1. Folkyou
      • member
      • 465 posts
      • 7 kudos
      agree, looking forward to see it in my game ;)
  2. Flowerguy360
    • premium
    • 919 posts
    • 42 kudos
    A thought (because this looks awesome):

    I would suggest maybe trying to collaborate with BlahBlah and his Driveables mod to make some "Wasteland Dirigibles"? This would be especially neat if you made some that were being flown by raiders and the like, with different factions and models available - like maybe one is a bus with an armored balloon strapped to the top and some guns? - that can make the air above the Commonwealth more interesting. If it can even be done. After all, why would there be only vertibirds, and why would it be done by ONLY the Sole Survivor? Just a thought on another possible project.

    This looks pretty sweet, though. Have a kudos. :D