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Keep in mind that these aren't my images and I'm saving them for future use when I can get the Creation Kit to not decimate my computer. If anyone wants to go on and make these uniforms that is 100% fine with me. Just add them into the RR's leveled lists please.


  1. jacoboriley
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    I do like this look. What were your thoughts on in game assets used to create it? Or were you looking for some original modeling (over my head)?
    1. H2Velociraptor
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      Either or maybe some Vanilla Assets mixed with some modded features
  2. SoNofSOnofSPOck
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    I love this idea. There aren't really enough outfits like this in the game (only Piper's and Nick's outfits have that early 1900s rough look; most other outfits fall into the Mad Max pit of design).
    Best of luck with making something like that to work. :)
    1. kerry1976
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      it's more in 1930 style