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This is an image from a FO4 mod I'm working on called Weapon Addition and Replacement Suite (WARS).

The WIP thread can be found here.

I've been hard at work on the plugin side of things for WARS lately so there hasn't been much to show in the way of screenshots. This is one of a pair of shots of the AR-15 that has been sitting on my hard drive for a while, so I thought I may as well show them.

In terms of art assets there isn't much new here - though I did tweak the materials a bit. Mainly this pair of shots is to show the difference in weight between the lightest configuration of the AR-15 and the heaviest. Every single weapon mod in WARS has as true-to-life weight values as I can manage; it's taking a lot of research. (Fortunately I'm getting some help in that regard.)

These two shots are also to give a look at the dynamic naming changes in WARS in action. Again, I'm trying to use real-world naming conventions here - that update as you modify the weapon. (M4A1, M16A3, etc.)

(Besides the weight, these stats changed since I took these screenshots.)


  1. CommanderBlaze420thLegion
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    will there be animations?
    1. antistar
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      Yes, Hitman did the animations. You can see them in action here or on his channel.
  2. hewhoshallnothavewifi
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    Very high quality looking. hope to be able to use it soon!
  3. argosy05
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    i hope that u can finish this mod of yours and hopefully u upload it in nexus
  4. Estarc
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    This gun looks like a work of art! Looking forward to messing around with all the attachments. Your idea with the dynamic naming conventions sounds pretty cool, hope that works out.
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    Insane!! AWESOME!!! waiting with excitement his mod