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  1. Heaventhere
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    • 227 kudos
    Oh very interesting tiny sneak peek........ and an interesting idea. I think I like the one from FH so far the best!!
  2. FinalFireDemon
    • member
    • 44 posts
    • 2 kudos
    I love this idea so much! Such a great way to incorporate Witcher elements into Fallout 4
  3. poelaha
    • member
    • 789 posts
    • 17 kudos
    Would be great for a hunter build
  4. maximizers
    • supporter
    • 569 posts
    • 3 kudos
    More updates for the accessory pack?
    You spoil us!
    Seriously- I love that you continue to update your mods
    ( And great work on this one! )
    1. Crimsomrider
      • premium
      • 3,774 posts
      • 665 kudos
      Actually not an update for the accessories ^^

      This is a standalone mod which will be named "The Wild Hunt" (tribute to the Witcher 3) which will allow players to claim trophies from monsters and show them off on their character. The trophies however will have a high value depending on the monster, thus hunting monsters in the Commonwealth will be a fine way of earning some extra caps.

      Now I have some ideas that will spice up the mod a bit, which I won't spoil away because I hope I'll manage to pull them off, but in any case, the concepts are there so now I'm making the trophies first for every "monster" in the game (including DLCs) and then I'll see how to properly introduce it to the game ^^
    2. maximizers
      • supporter
      • 569 posts
      • 3 kudos
      Oh wow, Even better! xD
      Definitely looking forward to this one.
    3. starfis
      • supporter
      • 3,816 posts
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      What about bandit raider ears, fingers or scalps? Heads on silver plates of named leaders of gangs? Or heads of leaders of other factions for overboss?
    4. GrendelofSiealvgrund
      • supporter
      • 394 posts
      • 26 kudos
      Okay, that sounds friggin awesome. May actually give me something to do in FO4 rather than take pretty pictures of it.

      Plus the notion of decking out Skiddah like a Witcher and hunting dangerous stuff for caps just tickles me for some reason.

      Hammer for men, bigger hammer for monsters?
  5. carnagefiend
    • premium
    • 2,218 posts
    • 108 kudos
    Damn, what a great idea! I also thought this was going to be for TRA but it seems there's something deeper going on here.

    Heck, a system like the one you proposed in the comments below could be ripe for some interesting ideas. Deathclaw ambergris...
  6. VladTepes85
    • member
    • 463 posts
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    Good detail
  7. elr0y7
    • supporter
    • 784 posts
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    Oh awesome, what a cool concept! I loved showing off my griffin heads in Witcher 3