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The below mods are open for use by anyone developing content for Sim Settlements. If the below link is to a mod author, they have given open permission to use all assets they have created.

Even though you have open permission, it is still common courtesy to message these mod authors through nexusmods.com and ask them. Be sure to mention that you're using them for a Sim Settlements project.

Ethreon: All Mod Assets

robotten: Snappy Housekit

SpicedSuit: Power Armor Pieces

eskanonen: Scrappy Signs

sarinia: Cat Deco

Casputin: Create-a-Crate Workshop

kingtobbe: Better Signs for Workshop Vendor Counters

Creative Clutter Team: Creative Clutter for Modders

Mac131: Mac's Frame Pack

QueenLunara: Queenie's Resources 

Yulliah: Yulliah's Home Improvements

This list will be updated if additional mods or authors grant open permission to their assets for Sim Settlement's development.

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