Fallout 4

DefUI is a mod that modifies the UI of the player inventory and Hud.

To work and dispatch item and icon, it needs to read some tags/Header in front of the text of any item. The mod can also parse some components data that can be shown in your UI in a more convenient way. 

In xTranslator 1.0.2+ there are some tools that can help to process such strings and to add some tag on the fly. This process works well if both source and dest languages are the same.
Also, once you have edited all the tags you need, don't forget to finalize the esp. (menu File -> Finalize esp) 

Tool n°1: [Add Headers] 

(1) At first select the strings you need to process, then call the tool with the context menu (right click) or the short cut Ctrl-D
(2) You get a window with the Header you have set up. (see below to see how to customize your headers options), click on the wanted header and 
(3) that's it.
If you choose another header, the previous one will be replaced.

Header options:

(1) Click on edit headers then you get a window with a text box (2): enter one header per line. Click Ok, and your button panel will be updated accordingly.
(3) If you have defUI installed, and if your fallout4\data folder is correctly set in xTranslator, you can import the actual registered tag from your defUI configuration. (if the button is disabled, that means the xml file can't be found or is not installed.)

Tool n°2: [Component generator].

IMPORTANT: The tool only work if you have set the same languages for both source and dest in xTranslator (like en-en, or fr-fr etc...), otherwise the 'Ok' button will be disabled.

This tool processes and adds the relevant components data to each MISC item that can be scrapped in the game, so this can be used and shown by defUI/defHud when you loot such item. By default, the component list uses a pattern like this:  
ItemName {{{component1, component2, component3, ...}}}

Since the default component are often stored in some master esm (fallout4.esm or other mods), it's recommended to load all masters for the actually edited mod, this can be done easily by using the menu tool->Load all masters (1).
Once everything is setup (masters and language), choose the menu tool->DefUI component generator (2)
You get a window, where you can adjust the regEx used for cleaning any previous tags from both item name (3) or component name (4), you can also adjust the way the tag will be added (5) to the final string. Default settings are working in most situations, so it's not really needed to change them. But just so you know: you can.
Click Ok then:
(6) All relevant items will get their new name with the component list added as a suffix.
If you get name that say @fallout4.esm (or other esm), that means the master mods have not been loaded. In that case, load them and restart the process.

Note: when you edit a misc item that can be sracpped in game you can also see the component info in the record header (see picture below) (1)

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