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    -Fallout4Translator doesn't start

    You have probably an outdated version of Avast antivirus. Solution: Update Avast

    -UPDATE from previous version to 1.0Beta12

    The beta12 changes some folder's paths:
    UserDictionary\ becomes UserDictionaries\
    Also, each game has now its own subfolder in it:
    To continue to use your SST dictionaries for each game, move them in the subfolder they belong to. 
    (those folders are created at runtime, so you must launch the translator  for a given game once to see them.)
    Also all prefs are moved in a new folder called
    Common preferences goes directly there:
    While prefs for each game go there:
    So, if you want to keep you prefs for each game, move them in the subfolder they belong to.
    (those folders are created at runtime, so you must launch the translator for a given game once to see them.)
    Also, renaming the executable is not a mandatory anymore, but it's still an option if you want to go this way and keep things separated. Check the option menu -> options -> Startup -> "Use Executable Name", and rename you executable accordingly: Fallout4Translator, TesvTranslator or FalloutNVTranslator.

    -I am seeing weird chars (,艾琳...) when I open my esp,esm or strings:

    You need to set the correct source and destination language in the options. 
    To be able to read and write the correct strings, fallout4translator needs to know in which language you want to operate, because it needs to set right codepage (the way chars are coded).
    If you are seeing some weird sequences of chars in your strings/esp/esm, this can have various reasons:

    -the esp has been previously saved with an incorrect encoding.
    In that case: set the correct source/dest language, start from the original untranslated esp, apply the transtation, and export the esp again

    -or you are trying to read and esp with an incorrect source language (and codepage),
    In that case: Open the option, (menu Option -> options & language), Set the correct source and destination and reload whatever you want to load.

    The codepages in Fallout4 are relatively straight forward: 
    English is using: 1252, and all others languages are using: Utf8.
    This means: if you try to open a string from any language other than english, with english (en) set as source in Fallout4Translator, you will end with incorrect strings.

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