01. Facing the right direction the first time, every time.

The direction you face when you enter cover is the direction you last moved in.
If you want to face the left side, make sure that you tap left before activating cover!

02. Maneuverability in cover

A tip to enhance your maneuverability in cover - switch between first and third person with your scroll wheel!

Imagine an enemy approaching your location while you're in cover. Quickly move to another cover by scrolling up a notch to bring yourself into first person. Once you're at your new cover, scroll down a notch to bring yourself back into third person. As long as you don't exit cover by moving backwards, the camera will still be exactly where you left it when you switched to first person, giving you all the benefits of an enhanced movement speed in first, and a better command-view of the situation in third.

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    This information makes the mod about 20 times more practical to use. Thanks for this.