Fallout 4
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This provides additional details for each plot, including bonuses/penalties, resources produced, the skins available, and some additional synergies that will appear if you have them as well as recommendations for when specific plots should be used and their purpose. 

Settlement Radar Stations
Wasteland Venturers

Slocum Joe's Workshop

Residential Plots

Glory Days
Size - 2x2
Description - A residential that's heavy on the baseball paraphernalia. My own private tribute to the baseball furies of the film The Warriors. 
Resources Produced: N/A

Skins Available -
Default - Basic concrete textures
Cinderblock - A more construction-type cinderblock texture
Multi-color - A red, white, and blue series of textures for some color
White - A white painted texture 

Commercial Plots

Old World Diner
Creation Club Synergy - Slocum Joe's Workshop - Slocum Joe's Coffee Brewing Machine spawns at higher levels. Coffee Tins can be purchased from the vendor, so brew some coffee and go! 
Size - 2x2
Description - A diner that sells all kinds of food and non-alcoholic drinks, rarer and more interesting as it progresses, including a variety of food items from the DLC and unique to this mod. Also sells components for certain special recipes for this mod if you haven't built the plots that provide them. 
Resources Produced: N/A

Skins Available - N/A

East Wasteland Tea Company
Size - Interior
Description - Provides a variety of unique tea and other items from this mod that provide unique benefits for survival mode. Buying the tea blends here for less weight enables you to craft them on the go using purified water for quenching thirsts and other stat boosts. 
Resources Produced: N/A

Skins Available - N/A

Industrial Plots

Dependency Required - Creation Club - Slocum Joe's Workshop Pack
Bonuses/Penalties - Requires additional water resources, but produces food and happiness. Intended for more advanced settlements or settlements that have supply lines to support it. Bad idea for new settlements not linked by supply lines. 

Size - 2x2 (Oversized)
Description - A donut factory that grows in size and complexity as it increases levels. Contains donut fryers as it develops, allowing ready access to them before completion of the Creation Club quest outside of Slocum Joe's areas if you need them. 
Resources Produced: Donuts. Starts with basic donuts such as the glazed and powdered at level 1 and continues with more and rarer donuts as the plot increases to level 3, including the rare possibility for Quantum Crunch donuts if you're lucky. 

Skins Available - N/A

Agricultural Plots

Beans for Breakfast
Creation Club Synergy - Slocum Joe's Workshop - Coffee Brewing Machine appears at Level 4. Coffee tins are also produced as a resource from the plot, so brew up and go!
Mod Synergy - Wasteland Venturers - Coffee Machine appears on patio table at Level 3 (look for coffee pot on a hot plate). Pick some silt beans, brew up some black coffee, and go!
Size - 2x2 
Description - Silt Bean farm. I originally dubbed this plot The Musical Fruit for obvious reasons. Get more silt beans than you ever dreamed possible, for many purposes. Make bean cakes (food item from this mod) or coffee (if you have Wasteland Venturers, per mod synergy above). 
Resources Produced: Silt Beans and, at higher levels, coffee tins.

Skins Available - N/A

Yardbird Suite
Size - Interior
Description - Chickens, and eggs! And not much else. An interior plot that spawns chickens that will roam your settlement free-range style. 
Resources Produced: Chicken Eggs. More and more of them as it advances in levels. Can be made into a variety of recipes included in this mod. 

Skins Available - N/A

Bonuses/Penalties - Produces less food, but adds happiness. 
Size - Heavy
Description - A recreational and agriculture hybrid as it produces almost entirely flowers. The blend of flowers it produces are good for manufacturing chems or in the tea recipes included in this mod. 
Resources Produced: Fever blossoms, hubflowers, bloodleaf, and black bloodleaf

Screaming Trees
Bonuses/Penalties - Extra water needed, but produces happiness boost. 
Size - Heavy
Description - A Far Harbor-themed wilderness plot that features trees, a hedge wall, and some Far Harbor flora and resources. Can be used to make tea recipes and other food recipes. 
Resources Produced: An increasing amount of sap per level, and as it advances some blight, asters, and Screaming Trees Gin, a unique alcohol item

Skins Available - N/A

Where the Brahmiluff Roam
Size - Heavy
Description - A ranch/dairy that spawns Brahmiluff for the settlement in a fenced in area. Produces cream that can be used in recipes and cheese. 
Resources Produced: Fertilizer, Brahmiluff Cream, Brahmiluff Cheese


One More Cup of Coffee (Conqueror Mess Hall)
Dependency Required - Creation Club - Slocum Joe's Workshop Pack
Size - Interior
Description - A small Slocum Joe's themed lounge with magazines, coffee, and donuts for your settlers. Spawns Slocum Joe's Coffee Machine at higher levels. 
Resources Produced: None. 

Skins Available - N/A


Intergalactic Planetary
Mod Synergy - Settlement Radar Station - Radar Station Appears on top of the "UFO" at Level 3.
Bonuses/Penalties - Extra power needed, but produces extra security
Size - 2x2
Description - Salvaged bits of Nuka Galaxy, including Animatronic Aliens, have been recovered to guard and protect your settlement. Due to the power requirements, this is intended for a more advanced settlement but provides a lot of defense and firepower for settlement defense. 
Resources Produced: None

Skins Available - All affect the color of the "UFO"

Rock Lobster
Bonuses Penalties - Extra food needed, but produces extra security
Size - 2x2
Description - Spawns a nukalurk, a nukalurk hunter, and a nukalurk king progressively as it advances to defend the settlement. These defenders are fearsome, hence the food penalty. Intended for either an advanced settlement or an outpost supported by plenty of other settlements with excess food. Also, recommended to use on ground level. Makes an excellent choke point in fences as attackers will have a hard time getting through. 

Skins Available - All affect the color of the metal around the nukalurk nest. 

Robot Parade

Size - 2x2
Description - A robotics expert who also enjoys volatile chemicals will find themselves right at home in this plot. Spawns first an Nuka World eyebot, and then two Nuka World Mr. Frothies to defend the settlement with damaging, radioactive mist. 

Skins Available - None.

Size - 2x2
Description - An animal cage from Nuka World's Safari Adventure repurposed into a miniature gauntlet, with ever more ghoulrillaz added to serve as guards. Another great martial to use as a chokepoint in a fence as attackers will have a hard time getting through and fighting the ghoulrillaz. 

Skins Available - None. 

Miscellaneous Debris (Conqueror Battlefield Scavenger)
Size - Interior
Description - A place where all the junk found after a fight can be piled up and sorted, but in a compact space. Works very nicely in interior settlements or in outposts where space is a premium. . 

Skins Available - None. 

Atomic Tan (Conqueror Armory)
Size - Interior
Description - An energy-weapon based armory with some Children of Atom themes. Another great martial to boost your conqueror outpost that fits in a much smaller area. 

Skins Available - None. 

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