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Back in the development of Xander's Aid, a CK bug from when the CK was new devastated the mod and I had to duplicate all my previous work and start a lot of the worldspace design over. So, when you see ID's that end with Duplicate000, then you know it was a quest or something from before that bug hit. But I never ended up fixing the ID's before release, decided to keep it the same as there was a ton of form ID's I'd have to correct. 


Xander's Aid

Quest Technicals:
ID: Jay7299Duplicate000
Stage to talk to Xander: 2
Quest Complete Stage: 30
Quest Reward: XP
Start: Speak to Xander in the Dugout Inn in Diamond City.

Quick walkthrough:
You will be tasked to find Xander's friend, Jay. Go to the Decayed Reactor Site, within the bunker you can find a skeleton that can be activated named Jay. You will then enter the hatch door in the floor and proceed into the next area. 
There are a few doors to unlock, one is barred. You can either throw a grenade at the barred door to open it, or enter Danny's room and find a key under his bed. This key unlocks another door at the end of the hall that will give you sight on the barred door. You can shoot the bar to open it. Proceed through the barred door.
Lastly, there is one room down the hall, a key behind the filing cabinet will give you access to Vault 141. Entering this door completes the quest.

A Danny Life

Quest Technicals:
ID: Jay7300Duplicate000
Quest Complete Stage: 100
Quest Reward: XP

Start: Walk down the hall towards the vault gear door.
Naturally, use your pipboy to open the vault door by activating the console. Proceed inside and go through the door on the eirght. There is a key on the desk. The terminal there will advance the quest. Use the key to open the Vault Storage room. The terminals area to the right has entries that will advance the quest.
Drop  down, on a table you'll find another key to the Rec area. Return to Vault 141 main interior and go upstairs to the Rec area. The quest marker will lead you to the Overseer.
Find the Overseer, then on the Doctor's terminal you can find out how he died. Head to the Overseer office, read the terminal to advance the quest. Then head towards the BioCube via the quest marker.
Quest completes when entering the BioCube.

Jay Should Have Stayed

Quest Technicals:
ID: Jay7301Duplicate000
Quest Complete Stage: 130
Quest Reward: XP, Xander Companion, 600 caps.

When loaded into the Biocube, head to the terminal by the door. A Danny entry starts the quest, also the terminal unlocks said door.
From there head West towards the Residential Housing, the most North Eastern house has a terminal that advanced the quest.
Now head towards Mcgillicuddy Pond. This is just North East of the building and has a quest marker. In the shack holds another terminal to read to advance the quest.
From there, follow the quest marker towards a mess of a barge. On land, there is a Capsule shaped shack on the docks right at the little parking lot. There is a Note in there by Doctor Avery that advances the quest. 
You will now head towards the BioCube Matrix Array, the mountain at the center of the worldspace. Once entered, you can read a terminal to advance the quest as well as unlock a door. The door in question is up the left side of the stairs.
You will be taken to view a memory, watch it play out and then gab the note inside the bunker. Keep going to return back to the BioCube Matrix Array interior. Exit the building and return to Xander to finish the quest. Xander will now be available as a companion.

Side Quests

A Captain's Greed

Quest Technicals:
ID: Jay8299Duplicate000
Quest Complete Stage: 50
Quest Reward: XP, Random legendaries

Very quick quest. By Hasselaar Ruins is a mess of boats, inside the white fishing boat is a trunk and a note. Read the note, it will tell you that there is a key and the Captain took it to his grave.
Jump into the water and go down to the ocean floor just a little bit to the West. When nearby the key, the quest will advance. Locate the key and return to the trunk.
Unlocking the trunk and leaving the boat will complete the quest.

Three For All

Quest Technicals:
ID: Jay8300Duplicate000
Quest Complete Stage: 100
Quest Reward: XP, Firelance

Outside of the Vault 141 bunker within the Biocube (right when you enter the Biocube for the first time) there is an alien on the ground. Activate it to start the quest.
You will be tasked to explore around. When the player walks around the Cave at the bottom of the mountain, directly North of the bunker, the quest will continue.
Enter the cave, jump into the pool of water inside.
Upon loading in, Section 9 is attacking a large group of Aliens.
Player can either help the Aliens or kill them too. The Firelance will be on the Commander.
If friendly towards aliens, then speak with the Commander. Subtitles are needed to talk to the Commander. The Commander will task the player with retrieving the Deep Range Transmitter from Section 9.
Head to OWR Radio station at the North West corner of the map. Inside is the Section 9 synth carrying the DRT. Get it and return to the Commander. The Commander will reward the Player with the Firelance and some ammo for it.

The Synthetic Section

Quest Technicals:
ID: Jay8301
Quest Complete Stage: 140
Quest Reward: XP, Nuka-Constant Grenade Plan, Fasco's Outpost Settlement ownership

To start, speak with Joshua Fasco at Fasco's Outpost on the East coast of the map. He will task the Player with clearing out a city of Section 9. Head to Father's City and take care of the Section 9 occupation.
Return to Fasco, he will have new task. While Fasco and his people head back to Father's City, the Player will need to go to the WAFC-357 Power Station and get the power running again.
Make your way into the power station and flip the switch designed by the quest marker. The exit door is locked. Get to the top of the interior and use the Security Terminal to unlock the security gate at the bottom. Enter the gate at the bottom and grab the exit door key. Return to the top and use it to leave. 
Head to Father's City and speak to Fasco.
To finish the quest, listen to Fasco's story about his people and Danny and Avery. 
A misc quest will appear to go to Danny and Avery's grave in the city's small cemetery.

Worth the Trouble

Quest Technicals:
ID: Jay8302
Quest Complete Stage: 65
Quest Reward: XP, specialized Hunting Rifle

At the Military Base Tango (North of Residential Housing) little office room the Player can find a Note to start this quest sitting on a windowsill. 
Head to Dean's Electronics in Hasselaar Ruins. On the second story, a named feral ghoul has a key to the storage room.
Enter the Storage Room, a note at the back of the room advances the quest.
Follow the quest marker to the wreckage of a truck. On a rock that the truck crashed into is the key. Grab the key and return to Dean's Electronics.
Use the key to open the weapon case and take the weapon. The spare key inside the case has no use.
Grabbing the weapon will make the player say a line and complete the quest.

Scout's Hunt

Quest Technicals:
ID: Jay8305Scout
Quest Complete Stage: 70
Quest Reward: XP, Firelance Ammo (400), CryoPlasma Ammo (400), EXNG-2 Ammo (500)

Inside Super Duper mart is an Alien Scout. He is searching for something to help his Alien friends. Head to the quest marker house. Enter, nothing can be found there and the quest will advance. Head to the marker at Hasselaar ruins, like before the quest will advance after not finding anything.
Head to Vault-Tec BioCube Operations at the top of the central mountain. Enter the marked hatch door.  The item that is needed is marked in there.
Once obtained, head back to the Scout to complete the quest.

Key to Cube

Quest Technicals:
ID: Jay8307
Quest Complete Stage: 200
Quest Reward: XP, Select Machinegun

To start, the main Xander's Aid questline must be completed (Jay Should Have Stayed). Speak to Xander as a companion or not. He may forcegreet to start it as well.
He will mention that he has a key that he doesn't know what it is for. Return to the BioCube if not already there. He will mention to go to Super Duper mart.
Don't enter SD Mart, Xander will say this isn't it. Head down the street to the Red Rocket.
If the Player at some point previously tried to enter the Red Rocket, then SD Mart sequence will be skipped as the SS already knows where to go.
Use the key to unlock the Red Rocket, in the garage area is another key on the floor.
Use it to open the bathroom. In the corner you can find the Select Machine Gun as well as some ammo.
The quest will complete once Xander says his lines.
On the counter of the Red Rocket is a Holotape of Xander from long ago. Xander will comment on it once played.

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