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How to replace weapons

By this method, you can download a weapon mod, and use it to replace any weapon from vanilla game.


1. Download a weapon mod

2. Open the mod plugin in FO4Edit. Unfold mod data.

3. Check "Weapons". Click on the weapon you want to use. On right pannel, look for "EDID - Editor ID". Right click on the ID of the weapon, and click on "Edit". Replace the ID with de EditorID of the vanilla weapon you are replacing. (For example, if you are replacing vanilla assault rifle, you must write AssaultRifle.) Press OK.

4. Right click on the the weapon in the left pannel. Click on "Change FormID". Replace the FormID with the FormID of the vanilla weapon you are replacing. (For example, if you are replacing vanilla assault rifle, you must write 0000463F.) Press OK.

5. Press Ctrl+S, and close FO4Edit to apply changes.
Check it in game.


There are a couple of things you might want to do BEFORE making the replacer:


You can remove the leveled lists injection from the mod, to avoid the weapon to spawn "injected", and only let the weapon to spawn replacing the vanilla weapon. This is recommended, because if you change the IDs of the weapon, the game will try to spawn an invalid weapon ID. It shouldn't be a problem, but it is better to clean the mod.

In FO4Edit, check "Quests". Look for a quest named "leveled list" or "LL" or something similar. Delete that quest (or quests).

Also... you can delete ALL quests if you want (this is 99% safe in 99% cases).

Not all weapon mods have leveled list injection.


If you don't want the mod to apply changes to game map, you can remove all map edits.

The reasons to do this may be:
 - You don't want to find "unique legendaries".
 - You play on another language rather than english, and don't want to see to much places with english names.
 - You want to ensure compatibility with mods that modify locations.

To do that in FO4Edit, delete ALL "cell" data and ALL "worldspace" data by right-click/remove (this is 99% safe in 99% cases).

Not all weapon mods have cell or worldspace edits.


When you replace a weapon, existing weapons in your game probably will be broken. But, if you go to weapon workbench you can repair it by crafting receiver, stock, barrel, etc., of the new weapon.

New spawned weapons will be perfect.

Take a couple of minuts to check the weapon in game (especially If you have deleted leveled list injection quests or something else). Craft all parts, make some shots, kill someone. If all is OK, congratulations! You are a weapon replacer! If not, may be next time :)

Remember to make backup copies at your discretion.


To replace a weapon, you can change all data of a vanilla weapon (except FormID and EditorID) bringing data from the weapon you want. This way, you are "replacing" the weapon, changing all weapon features.

BUT, alternatively, instead of modify weapon data, if you take the other weapon, change the FormID and the EditorID to replicate IDs of vanilla weapon, you are doing the replacement without all that hard work. The game believes it is loading the original weapon with some changes, but it is loading all features of the chosen weapon: damage, range, magazine capacity, projectile/ammunition type, ingame model, weapon attachments, delay after shooting, animations, etc etc.


Before finishing, here you have the EditorID and the FormID of the vanilla weapons:

Weapon - EditorID - FormID
10mm pistol - 10mm - 00004822
.44 revolver - 44 - 000CE97D
Double barrel shotgun - DoubleBarrelShotgun - 0005DF30
Combat shotgun - CombatShotgun - 0014831C
Submachine gun - SubmachineGun - 0015B043
Assault rifle - AssaultRifle - 0000463F
Combat rifle - CombatRifle - 000DF42E
Hunting rifle - HuntingRifle - 0004F46A
Pipe gun - PipeGun - 00024F55
Pipe revolver - PipeRevolver - 0014831B
Pipe bolt-action gun - PipeBoltAction - 0014831A
Flamer - Flamer - 000E5881
Minigun - Minigun - 0001F669
Missile launcher - MissileLauncher - 0003F6F8
Fatman - Fatman - 000BD56F
Laser gun - LaserGun - 0009983B
Institute laser gun - InstituteLaserGun - 001633CC
Gatling laser - GatlingLaser - 000E27BC
Plasma gun - PlasmaGun - 00100AE9
Gauss rifle - GaussRifle - 000D1EB0

Happy modding

This tutorial has been edited on 08/02/2020 to improve and clarify the explanations.

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  1. Veekz
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    Man, i've been searching so long for a guide on how to replace vanilla weapons with custom ones, asked several times on the Modern Weapon Replacers' page but to no avail and all i have to say is: Thank you very much for this Cthorthu!
    And also thank you for the Pipe Guns Removed, Leveled Raiders and Super Mutant Weaponry they are all great and i use them all in every playthrough.
  2. schmoopy135
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    hey, just thought i'd mention: the form ID you wrote for the hunting rifle is actually for Deacon's Rifle, the ID for normal Hunting Rifles is: 0004F46A.

    otherwise, this has been super helpful, thank you!
    1. Cthorthu
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      Thank you very much!!