This is easy and straightforward. The mod uses a new, invisible modification slot (just like the Legendary slot) to select a weapon's ammunition type- you can make any weapon compatible with the system by adding that modification slot.

Here's a step-by-step guide. The images link to larger versions if needed. The guide assumes you have Fallout 4 Edit (FO4Edit) installed- so please go get it (and endorse it!) if you've not.

Step 1: Add Master
Open FO4Edit, and select Loads.esm and the file with your weapon that needs modifying. In order to add a keyword from Loads.esm to that weapon, you'll need to add Loads.esm to it as a Master. Right-click on your weapon file, and select 'Add Masters...'. Then, from that menu, select Loads.esm and click okay.

Step 2: Find Keyword
You need to set up your weapon to look like the ones I've modified. Expand Loads.esm (by clicking on the '+') and expand the 'Weapons' category. Click on one of the weapon forms there. If you scroll down, you can see the 'APPR: Keywords' section has been changed. Double-click on a0aLOADS_KYWD_Load, and copy the formID there (it should look like XX000800).

Step 3: Add Keyword
Select the weapon you want to modify. Scroll down to 'APPR: Keywords', right-click it and select 'Add'. Then on the new line, right-click and select 'Edit', and enter/paste the formID for a0aLOADS_KYWD_Load.

Now you're done! Quit and save your file. Your weapon is now ready to use alternate ammo types. If the weapon mod includes rechamber modifications, though, you may need to double-check that they're set up correctly in steps 4 and 5.

Step 4: Check Rechambers
Open the 'Object Modifications' category of the mod you're editing, and check out any rechamber modifications in there. Each should have 'Add: Keywords: dn_Has_Rechamber' and 'Add: Keywords: dn_Has_Rechamber_XYZ', where XYZ is their new ammunition type- like in the image below. If it's missing one, it won't switch ammo when rechambered. Right-click on 'Properties' and select 'Add', then click and drag another 'Add: Keywords:' entry over as a template. You can add dn_Has_Rechamber by right-clicking on the copied keyword, selecting 'Edit', and using the formID 238452. If it's missing dn_Has_Rechamber_XYZ, you'll need to look up the formID in Step 5.

Step 5: Find Rechamber Keyword (then Add it)
The list of rechamber keywords that Loads of Ammo supports can be found in
a0aLOADS_FLST_Lookup_Calibre_Keywords. You can get the formID of the calibre you need from that list (by double-clicking on the one you want and copying the ID, like in Step 2). Then go back to the rechamber modification and put it in.

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  1. FlamingLlama926
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    So, can anyone tell me why the standalone weapons don't show like the vanilla?
  2. KamichamaKevin
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    It doesn't work with modded in standalone weapons, they are not shown- if you expand the weapons, only the vanilla weapons are shown...
  3. sevlag
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    What if the weapon I want to make work with loads doesn't have the APPR KEYWORD field but APP Attach parent slot?

  4. lukehigdon
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    This seems like a lot of trouble to do for something so simple. a lot of people don't use this because they don't want to go through this. What about simply using a line when you are modifying your gun to use a certain type of receiver that shoots every type of bullet for that gun. So simple. One click. Yes you cant change on the fly but I would rather have that. or make another gun if you have to have two. A plus is it can be then used for peasant players lol. I think this would make your customers explode.
    1. skibadaa
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      Normal users dont have to do any of this. This is for mod authors. If you are a normal mod user this is all done automatically via script added keywords. The above process is only needed for modded weapons that have non vanilla re-chamber keywords. And again, if this is the case its something for a mod author to do. You are overthinking the whole process.
  5. MhiaSummers
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    dn_Has_Rechamber / dn_Has_Rechamber_XYZ instead of dn_HasReciever / dn_HasReciever_XYZ

    Because I couldn't found any traces of keywords dn_Has_Rechamber / dn_Has_Rechamber_XYZ.

    Thank you