This guide can be read in the setting holotape too.

- 2 new jobs for settlers: hunting and herbalism.
- 2 new gathering station: the hunter’s table and the herbalist’s workshop (Workshop > Resources > Misc).
- Renewed scavenger's behaviour and scavenging station's functions.
- The gatherers (hunters, herbalists, and scavengers) leave their home settlements and wander around the wastelands in search of resources they need (meat, herbs, scraps).
- Every location has specific local fauna to hunt, flora to gather and scraps to scavenge.


- work at the hunter’s table
- daily gather meat and animal body parts (hides, teeth, claws, etc...) according to the local fauna
- can form and lead hunting parties of other hunters, unemployed settlers, robots, and dogs
- automatically collect loot from corpses right after having killed their preys
- can assist the player on hunt, pointing the nearest animals
- sometimes bring home a new hunt pet (dog, mongrel, mutant hound, molerat, etc...)
- can discover new locations on the map

- work at the herbalist’s workshop
- daily gather herbs and wild fruits according to the local flora
- produce chems depending on the daily harvest
- can assist the player on herb collection, identifying the nearest wild plants
- can discover new locations on the map

- work at the scavenging station (must be upgraded)
- find thematic items according to the type of visited locations (medical stuff in hospitals, weapons in military sites, tools in factories, etc…)
- search specific types of item (weapons, chems, components, etc…) requested by the player
- can ransack corpses around the settlements
- can assist the player on scavenge by detecting the nearest containers, corpses, and power armor frames
- can discover new locations on the map

Gathering stations, if owned and active, daily produce resources.
Hunting and herbalism results depend on the local fauna and flora. Since they are renawable resources, meat and herb types rarely vary over time.
Scavenger collection is based, instead, on the scavenger's skill and the loot reflects the type of facilities/activities in the visited location.

The ability to collect resources basically depends on the current settlement happiness and some gatherers' primary statistics. While the happiness is set by how the player leads the settlement, the primary stats can be increased by making gatherers equip the right apparel (mostly headgear) or by casting on them special buffs.
"Show local residents' statistics" in the holotape main menu is an useful tool to detect which residents are better qualified to gathering jobs.

 Show local residents' statistics tool

  Hunting skill depends on NPC’s endurance, perception, and agility values.
- (Endurance + perception + agility) affect the daily amount of meat and body parts gathered.
- Endurance sets how long a hunt lasts.
- Perception sets hunter’s detection radius when assisting the player in a hunt.
- Agility improves precision shooting and defence when hunters face preys (buff must be active).
- Charisma sets how many companions a hunter can recruit and increases the chance to get a bloodhound.
- An additional attack-defence buff can be gained if settlers equip weapons which are appropriate to hunt (hunting rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, gauss rifles, railway rifles, assault rifles).

  Herb identification skill depends on settler's endurance, perception, and intelligence values.
- (Endurance + perception + intelligence) affect the daily amount of herbs gathered and herbal chems produced.
- Endurance sets how long a search lasts.
- Perception sets herbalist’s detection radius when assisting the player in searching herbs.

  Scavenging skill depends on settler's endurance, perception, and luck values.
- (Endurance + perception + luck) affect the daily amount of items scavenged.
- Endurance sets scavenger's exploration radius (more locations to scavenge).
- Perception sets scavenger’s detection radius when assisting the player in scavenging.

Workstations allow to monitor the daily resource collections/productions and (partially) command the gatherers. Their interfaces consist of two parts: the upper one, showing overall information about gathering activities in the current settlement, and the lower one, focusing on the station owner.

  Hunting and herbalism
- "Local fauna (or flora)" shows which animals (or plants) are most abundant in the current location. Hunter (or herbalist) daily gathering will reflect this fact.
- "Hunters (or herbalists) on duty" counts settlers working at the local gathering stations.
- "Productivity" reflects the average skill of hunting (or identifying herbs) among the gatherers plus the contribution from general happiness value. It is used to quantify the daily resource collections/productions.
- "Exploitation" shows the level of utilisation of the local fauna (or flora) resources related to the number of active hunters (or herbalists) and the productivity. If this value is higher than 100%, it means there are too many hunters (or herbalists) compared to the amount of preys (or plants) in the area.

 Hunter's table menu

 Herbalist's workshop menu

Note: the following three values are part of the original workshop system and control the daily production of scraps at settlements. This mod just makes them visible.
- "Resident scavengers on duty" counts all the scavengers living in the current settlement.
- "Scavenging unemployed settlers" counts the unassigned settlers helping to scavenger around (most people don't know that: according to the original game logic, they make a small contribution to collect scraps).
- "Productivity" (I) shows the effect of settlement happines on the vanilla scrap production.

- "Outward scavengers on duty" counts only the scavengers working at upgraded scavenging stations.
- "Productivity" (II) reflects the average skill of scavenging among the settlement gatherers plus the contribution from general happiness value. Unlike the hunter/herbalist productivity, it is NOT used to quantify the daily resource productions. It determines, however, the scavengers' ability to detect and ransack corpses (v1.02).
- "Surrounding sites to scavenge" shows the amount of locations (discovered and undiscovered) that can be reached by scavengers with max endurance value.

 Scavenging station menu

- Daily reports show the amount of gathered/produced resources.
- Resources are stored in hunters', herbalists' or scavengers' containers. If not taken by the player, they are moved into local workshop the day later.
- Gatherers' containers are browsable via Station menu > Report.
- Every settlement has one hunters' container, one herbalists' container and as many scavenger's containers as there are scavengers.

 Hunters' daily report

- It is a scavenging station tool able to find corpses around the current settlement and collect items from them.
- The amount of ransacked corpses depends on the number of outward scavengers and their overall productivity (default setting). Available a setting holotape option which removes this cap.
- Ransacking results are available after the settlement location has been unloaded-reloaded.
- Collected items are stored in ransacking containers (one per settlement). A new ransacking can't be called until the container is emptied.
- Ransacking containers are browsable via Scavenging station menu > Ransacking report.

Gatherers normally work on their own. However, the player can force them into doing something specific spending some favor points via station menus.
Every settlement has its own favor point count. A certain amount of FPs is daily generated depending on the settlement happiness and the number of active gathering stations.

- The player can recruit gatheres by aiming at them in iron sight. Recruitment costs 50 favor points.
- The recruited gatherer assists the player for a certain period of time. The amount of hours depends on gatherer's endurance and the player's charisma.
- The recruited gatherer acts as a player's companion and he is commandable. Hunter's companions can be commanded by the player too if they are following the recruited hunter.
- The gatherer (and his followers) will resume his quest as soon as the recruiting time is up or the player chooses to dismiss him in advance.


  1. Scavenging station: upgrade button conflict (available in GOT v1.01 and higher): see gif below.

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