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NCR Patrol Fallout Cascadia

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  1. WolflordLorgar
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    Hey man, love your work, can you please read my PM on the messenger that I sent regarding a matter I want to speak to you about please
  2. AsinineAlek
    • member
    • 20 posts
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    Looks pretty fantastic. My only suggestion would to maybe tweak the hat but I imagine that's on your to do list.
    1. L0rd0fWar
      • supporter
      • 531 posts
      • 903 kudos
      the hat and the mask would probably be replaced with a helmet I am working on.
    2. CuriesLover
      • member
      • 327 posts
      • 1 kudos
      What about the classic campaign/ranger hat?
    3. L0rd0fWar
      • supporter
      • 531 posts
      • 903 kudos
      I hated that hat
    4. CuriesLover
      • member
      • 327 posts
      • 1 kudos
      Well at least your honest haha. Your version looks cooler anyways. Great work.
    5. deleted631007
      • account closed
      • 506 posts
      • 10 kudos
      Gotta admit, the hat in New Vegas looked really goofy on top of an otherwise well armored patrolman.

      Wesley Burt also designed a version with a flight mask, which I assume they opted against because of the similarities to the NCR Ranger armor.


      Dunno if the line to the backpack is even possible but I wouldn't mind seeing something similar to this myself.
    6. creasedboot629
      • premium
      • 1 posts
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      honestly the helmet and hat should be seperate entitys as so the player can mix and match whatever helmet to mask he/she wants
  3. Alepap
    • member
    • 395 posts
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    I dig it so much
  4. EddieTM26
    • member
    • 184 posts
    • 9 kudos
    I love this armour so much. Thank keep it up.
  5. wubilyu
    • member
    • 264 posts
    • 31 kudos
    Fantastic work as ever L0rd0fWar.
  6. lewisroantree
    • premium
    • 1,087 posts
    • 15 kudos
    Think you could do a BoS gunmetal grey version of this armor for the vanilla game mode? Would love to see BoS troopers in this kind of combat armor.
  7. patobek
    • member
    • 775 posts
    • 171 kudos
    You are back at it again!
    Nice work as always friend.
  8. Sakabato
    • member
    • 259 posts
    • 2 kudos
    Looks really awesome. Keep up the good work
  9. jsxaraan
    • member
    • 646 posts
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    Every time I leave FO4, L0rd0fWar pulls me back in.
  10. devanroth22
    • member
    • 195 posts
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    mouth watering goodness