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  • Halo ODST Armor

    This one is for the halo lovers ...

  • Run Fallout 3 from a portable USB drive

    This isn't really a MOD it's more of a deployment change. After seeing the new TV show I decided to down load fallout 3 from GOG. Then spent a few hours trying to get it to work, it was stuck on crashing when selecting a new game. From this forum I got a directx DLL which allowed the game to run.
    This is my way of repaying the help.
    While trying to make it work lots of people were asking about making it portable. So I've written some powershell scripts that will let you run it from a usb drive, and copy/restore your save games as you move around.
    I've tested this on my computers with a generic installation, so no modes ETC, so your milage my vary.
    Because it writes to the registry Local Machine, you'll need to run them as administrator.
    There are 3 files which...

  • (Generalized Steps) Adding Your Own Motorcycle to the Wasteland

    Preliminary Steps

    First of all, make sure you have the improved GECK and latest FO3Edit installed.

    Also make sure you're editing the DEVELOPERSMotorcycleRemake.esp found in my mod's "Developer's Esp" folder (see the included Readme), as this includes comments that will make adding new lines to the scripts much easier.

    A text editor with batch editing (like Notepad++) is highly recommended.

    Finally, if you want to make a new textureset, you'll need an image editor capable of exporting .dds files, as well.

    To keep this article short, I'll assume you already know how to use all of the mentioned tools.


    Do all of the following steps in FO3Edit, edit the MotorcycleRemake.esp directly (unless you...

  • Shop Locations

    Boutique Marguerite

    is a clothing store that sells pre war clothing.


    In the Hall with fountain, the shutter without a billboard

    Cafe Paradise Noon

    is a cafe that sells drinks.


    Going Left down the corridor when entering the entrance. Though the doors to get to the 2nd floor.

    Chinese Restaurant

    that sells food


    First right when entering the entrance.

    Happy Burger

    is a fast food that sells burgers.


    First left when entering the entrance.

    Helen's Bakery

    is a shop that sells sugary treats.


    Going Left d...

  • its a modded save

    just download Fallout Rebirth+ and 4K Graphics for Fallout Rebirth+ collections from nexus ...

  • Suggestion and Fixes

    Heyo! Just released a merge of mods that expand on Megaton, would love to have some help fixing some issues or include some ideas, thank you!...

  • PCs In Test

    PC's in test, given you may draw a similar local comparison in what to expect when you have MOFAM installed.
    PC 1 (2018-September 2020):
    2017 iMac 27'': 8GB Radeon RX580 / 1TB SSD / i7 7700k / 32GB 2400hz RAM.

    Bootcamped Windows 10 1803

    In-Game Resolution:

    Average FPS:
    Exteriors: 50 fps
    Interiors: 60fps
    PC 2 (September 2020-onward):
    Dedicated Windows PC: 10GB Gigabyte RTX3080 / 1TB m.2 / i9 10900k / 32GB 3200hz RAM.

    Windows 11

    In-game Resolution:

    Average FPS:
    Exteriors: 80 fps
    Interiors: 100 fps...

  • Prologue

    The theme of MOFAM was always to enhance every aspect of vanilla, expand on the game's narrative by providing a wealth of new lore-friendly quests, and make full use of the modding tools we have available. My background was QA so ensuring Im delivering a quality piece of software is purely instinctive.

    A theme with any given large modlist is balance. Yes, we have script-heavy mods, we have plenty of retextures, plenty of quests. I have tested (and endorsed) quite literally thousands of mods to ensure MOFAM is capable of an install-and-play level of stability & enjoyment whilst staying true to the original developer's expectations.

    It should also be noted this is geared toward solid-to-higher-enddesktop-PC's. I have had two PC's during the time of constr...

  • Complete Changelog


    Initial Release

    01.24.1 - Hotfix


    Part 10: Washington Monument BoS Outpost


    Setup: Added to Falloutcustom.ini
    Modpage: Added missing Tags to mods; typos corrected.



    Part 11: Alternative Megaton Lighting Plus
    Part 16: Improved Vanilla Male Body
    Part 16: ENB Hair Transparency Fix


    Part 2: iStewie's Tweaks (added bKeepXPBarWhenClosingMenus = 1)
    Part 31: Load Order Updated


    Part 2: Enhanced Camera Ground Sink Fix (FOSE)
    Part 4: Auto axe Invisibility bug fix
    Part 7: High Quality Pip-Boy Icons ...

  • The future of Blue Beard Modding

    This article will have some good news and bad news.

    Right now I am working at creating a road map of release order of  new mods and major updates to my current mods. This road map won't have even estimated timeframes for this as I have a lot going on IRL with my job. But rest assured, I am still tinkering with my mods here and there.

    I have mods for several different games either already released, or in the works. Some of the mods that I have released will be pulled as there are just issues with them that I can't fix, so they will be on the low end of my priority to update and/or release. Hopefully, while working on some of my other mods, I learn what I need to to fix the issues plaguing a couple of the mods I have already made. Plus, the more I learn, the more typ...

  • V62

    I've been working on v62 for a while now.
    I hope to upload it soon. Here's somethings from the update.


     I've added a few holotapes with random stuff on them in the wasteland.

    Reality zero is starting to come together. I built this worldspace from scratch. Not easy I tell ya.

    I've also added some new npcs. You'll meet them in Springvile....

  • Traduzione italiana

    Con questa piccola mod vengono tradotte le linee di dialogo mancanti in Broken Steel...

  • Walkthrough and Details

    Join the Raiders
    If you just want to enter Evergreen Mills as a visitor, go to the front gate and you will be greeted by a Raider guard. Sometimes he runs away when there's a fight nearby though, so if you don't get forcegreeted go away, wait an hour and come back and he should be back in his place. You can pay him 100 caps to get in (or 400 if you have Good Karma), or you can get in for free if you bring Jericho with you. Once you're cleared, you're given a key, you're assigned a temporary friend faction with the raiders and fast travel is disabled until you leave the way you came in so that their hostility is resumed normally. Please don't sequence-break by parcouring your way out :)

    To join the Raiders, you need to have either Very Bad Karma or complete the Pitt in Ash...

  • Middle-Age Noob Making His First Mod Ever. Highlights on the journey to make it happen in case you want to try.

    As mentioned in the description of the mod, this is my first mod and although it's probably a very simple mod for others that have dabbled in mod authoring, it was a process just to get my foot in the door. There aren't many tutorials out there that will take you step by step. Not to mention that when researching the internet, the search results tend to be about installing mods and not really authoring them. I had no experience with making a mod or even playing modded games on PC until 2 months ago and my only motivation was that a mod I needed, as far as I can tell, did not exist.

    So, the problem I had was that one weapon (Black Watch Carbine) in the modded game I was playing (Obscurum for Fallout 3) did not have iron sights like all the others, so far, had. That functionality...