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Machinima for Fallout 3 created by me.
This a non lore firendly small story.

Song: Hallelujah
Singer: John Cale
Author: Leonard Cohen

Thanks to:

 illusion2448 for his mod "Tranquility home"
 Backsteppo for his mod "Pair poses" which made possible some unique poses
angelenesdreams for his mod "Vanilla Idle Pose Catalog", which made me easier to find the poses I needed


  1. jebfield
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    You are a great director.
    I was feeling quite sad when the happy ending took me totally by surprise.
    Beautifully done.
  2. fredlaus
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    • 144 kudos
    Love is stronger than hate.
  3. AtomicTEM07
    • premium
    • 144 posts
    • 7 kudos
    I think i cried. Great job man.
    1. AmaccurzerO
      • supporter
      • 918 posts
      • 279 kudos
      Thanks, AtomicTEM07.
  4. ajax109
    • member
    • 1,203 posts
    • 25 kudos
    Excellent Machinima, Amaccurzer! The song was very fitting! Did your character survive the Great War into the Atomic Wasteland that we all know and dread? If I'm understanding things correctly, he was a veteran of Operation Anchorage?
    1. AmaccurzerO
      • supporter
      • 918 posts
      • 279 kudos
      Thanks. Yes, we could say he is a survivor of the Great War and a veteran of Anchorage.