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iya Guys. Beware Of Girl is back but in a limited capacity. I will be uploading a few Fallout 4 mods that I did for my game as I just want to concentrate on playing now that I finally got some time off to start playing before life gets busy again. They will me smaller in scope but the high quality you would expect from my mods as they were of days gone by.


Also like to apologize for the lack of support for fans and downloaders of my mods as I have been away from it completely since the early months of Fallout New Vegas.  The community is awesome here and suspect a lot of those people got support from others. 


I hope you enjoy what I put up and I'll leave you all with a shout out to all my fans and supporters thumbsup.gif I also have a new Beware of Girl logo as seen below. 


Much love....





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