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The Guides and Tutorials I create are structured for The Elder Scrolls Anthology PC games (Arena, Daggerfall, Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim along with all their DLCs). I became even more excited about these games when I discovered the TES Renewal Project where other fans have created additional content that seek to merge the games together into a more modern gaming engine. (Morroblivion, Skyblivion, and Skywind). While many fans share their mod lists, they are not tailored for a beginning modder.
I strive to teach when creating my guides. I want users who follow my work to understand the "ins and outs" of what is actually involved in creating a stable modded game. This way the user can hopefully know how to set up a game with their own unique style of game play as opposed to following what someone else has put out there for them. I am more of an adventure/fantasy player, so I prefer graphic overhauls that add unique scenery and items to my game. Others prefer more realistic- survival and combat style overhauls. I try to blend a little of each with my setup to accommodate all users. But, wouldn't it be nice to know how to mod your own game your own way? Hopefully after following my guides, a user will understand how to do this for themselves. GamerPoets has been my inspiration for this style of instruction since he began putting out his STEP guides on youtube. Ponyrider0 has inspired me to join the Patreon Community to share my creative works.
Most of my knowledge of modding was gathered from the STEP Wiki and Forums. Now, I'm hoping to "pay it forward" in a way with my instructional guides. So please, never hesitate to let me know where I should make improvements in my process. I want you all who are new to modding to leave with the experience of understanding how to mod your own games your own way and make them stable. I also look forward to learning more from our experienced modders who may catch something I have missed, or didn't fully understand myself. I still have to take breaks from editing my guides in order to research how best to perform certain tasks to keep my mods stable. 

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