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is it magic that i have a mind or
do i both magical and mental abilities have.

i dunno but at least i know i'm not crazy cause if i was I'd know it :devil:

any way im working on some things so im back burnering a lil project
maybe i can find someone to help out
i need a model made of a weapon
then i'll need some animation done on it

once its been modeled textured animated it'll have to be scripted

and no its not a superweapon (takes six shots to kill a supermutant with one caveat there is a way to get a one shot kill even on a supermutant master )

any body interested in modeling a truly challenging weapon (i think it'll be a challenge) message me and we'll talk

oh an the animation will involve spewing gas out behind or to the side no has to be well maybe it could be angled to the side of the weapon

the project im on now involves lots of scripting which im learning as i read someone else's code and modify it

@ sandman5 ahh name ref was good movie u see series too ???

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