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More games in Donation Points store and minor changes

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Since launching our Donation Points system last year we've given away over $81,000 worth of Donation Points (DP) to mod authors. Thankfully, the reaction to this system has been overwhelmingly positive and we're extremely happy with how it has turned out.

While mod authors can exchange their DP for straight up Pay Pal donations, we've also been very happy with how many mod authors have been exchanging their DP for video game keys that we've been providing in the DP store. It's great to be able to provide games back to people who clearly love games as much as we do!

With that in mind, I've expanded the portfolio of games we now offer in the DP store. I specifically try and choose games that we have at least some mods for. The new list of games, on top of the games we were already offering are:

  • 7 Days to Die
  • Battletech
  • Borderlands 2 - GOTY
  • Doom
  • Dying Light
  • Grand Theft Auto IV 4: Complete Edition PC
  • Mad Max
  • Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor - Game of the Year Edition PC
  • Middle-earth: Shadow of War
  • Prey (2017)
  • South Park: The Stick of Truth PC
  • Stellaris
  • Tyranny - Deluxe Edition

I hope you all enjoy the new selection.

On a semi-related note, we've been struggling to keep up with demand for some games in the DP store and I want to avoid having games out of stock if I can help it. I do not want to buy the games in considerable bulk simply because game prices can fluctuate wildly, with sales happening at any moment, and I don't want to be stuck holding on to a load of games that I bought for 50% more than they're on sale for now - that's not good for you or us!

I'm also aware that some mod authors are buying multiple keys of the same game to give to helpful users of their mods, for friends or as prizes for competitions they're running. I think that's a really cool idea but, unfortunately, this is causing me a bit too much admin work as I struggle to keep games in stock. Similarly, it's becoming difficult to source large quantities of game keys each month from suppliers. As such, we have changed the store system to only allow mod authors to receive one of each game key in the store. I apologise for this change but I feel it's necessary, not only for my own sanity but also to ensure every mod author gets a chance to get games from our DP store.

I want to say a big thank you and congratulations to all the mod authors who are enjoying our Donation Points system.


  1. LeonidasNerevar
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    Ol' Dark0ne is making the hard calls again. I'm glad we have you as our fearless leader. You're doing a good job; so much better than any other host for ANY other site or game. EA and Bethesda should take notes from you on how to treat their people. You maintain a happy and growing community by doing what's right and good for the gamers, not just what fills your pocket. Please don't ever change. Thank you.
    1. xrayy
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      very well said!
  2. DaedalusMachina007
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    You know, Humble Bundles/Monthly/etc exists and it is a thing....just grab those bundles and use those for your store/giveaways/etc :P
    True mod authors do it for the love of the game, otherwise they'd be doing something else (usually more productive). The DP stuff has always been just a slight bonus for the top 0.0000001% of irreplaceable standardized 'essential' mods and utilities for the most popular games here.

    I could literally do Twitch streams and/or YT videos detailing what my mods do and how they work with some actual gameplay involved; set up a Patreon to make more than I'd ever make from DP. I don't dare to speak for every mod author but I'm confident in saying the overwhelming majority of us doing this line of work aren't in it for money/rewards. The love and praise of our fans is enough :)
    1. Dahveed
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      I respectfully disagree. I never did any modding for monetary rewards either, but I just spent my points on a $45 game and I'm very happy about it, it's a neat way to motivate people to put in an extra mile.

      I can't speak for every mod author out there either, but it's a nice cherry on top and a good way to get people to strive a little more for better mods.
  3. Dahveed
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    As a (lazy) mod author whose mods aren't even that good, I must say I appreciate this very much! I just got Kingdom Come: Deliverance for free, it's much appreciated! Thank you!
  4. KahvozeinsFang
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    I've been saving all my donation points since September so I can finally buy Fallout 4. Next month my dream comes true lol. I hope it's in stock when I finally have the points to get it.

    I can't wait to make mods for my #1 favorite game. I have many ideas that haven't been done yet. Thank you for the opportunity to be able to own this game.
  5. EnaiSiaion
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    Thanks. :)

    I feel like a prick just withdrawing all the money but it goes towards costs of living while studying. Once I have a real job, I'll start donating my points. <3
    1. CyborgArmGun
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      I'm on the same page, so don't feel bad. Also *waves* hey Enai.
    2. padawanjedi
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      You shouldn’t feel bad about it. You need to live and you earned all those points by being awesome. Keep studying!
    3. Ashes2Asherz
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      considering your contributions to the mod community, i would say you're one of the last people who should feel bad about earning dp. Plus you're a cathedral style modder that opens his resources for others to use. If it weren't for mod authors like you then us cherry picker mod authors would not exist
  6. lazyskeever
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    I am not exactly privy to the logistics involved in getting the deals for games to spend points on, but is it possible that the scope of this system could also be expanded to things like creative software (ie 2D/3D design tools and such)?
    1. Roccondil
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      It could but we're talking about games that cost a maximum of $60 (and Dark0ne is probably trying to get them on sale so it's probably less per key) as opposed to software that is either already open-source/free, or expensive into the hundred or even thousand dollar range.
    2. lazyskeever
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      I would probably imagine it being more like spending points for a month's subscription.
  7. Shadohz
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    Why not just convert the DPs into gift cards for downloadable games or other items? Individual publishers and service sites sell gift cards so just let the CC reclaim them and do with them as they wish. If they want to use the DPs to give away items to other player so be it. If they want to use it to support EA then I hope they bu.. err I mean enjoy their selection. This way you're not stuck holding the (overhead) bag and the CCs have more options and know a fixed system is in place. The only downside I see to it is some may not want to reveal personal information about themselves to receive gift cards.
    1. opusGlass
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      Isn't that effectively the same as cashing out via paypal, which is already an option?
    2. Shadohz
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      It's not the same thing because you don't have to report and pay taxes on gift cards. *cough* Err I mean I was addressing the overhead and fluctuating game cost issue brought up by the author of the article.
  8. Dipanjanc33
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    great to be part of this community
  9. RoyBatterian
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    Hollow Knight when
  10. luxor8071
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    Great Stuff and big thanks. I love it.