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Nexus Mods API released

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Since we teased it back in October, our developers have been working hard on finalising the Nexus Mods API and today I'm pleased to report we’re ready to open the virtual doors to the public.

What is the Nexus Mods API?

It’s a set of instructions developers can use to access features and information from our service. We’ve been developing the API in parallel with Vortex to ensure it has a host of useful features. This is a more modern replacement to the ageing system applications like Nexus Mod Manager have been using for the last few years.

What can I do with the API? 

If you’re looking to make use of our data for a mod manager, Discord bot or integration into your game, you can view the full API documentation here. As a brief rundown of the features of the API you can:


  • Get the latest, recently updated or trending mods.
  • Get mod metadata.
  • Get a list of files and file info on a mod.

  • Retrieve a complete list of games.
  • Get information on a specific game.

  • Users can log in to your application with their Nexus Mods account via their API key or our Single sign-on (SSO) page.
  • Manage tracked and endorsed mods on a user’s account. 

Keys! Clinky shiny keys!

When using an app that talks to our API, you’ll need an API key. We’ve added a new page to your user account settings where you can see your keys to different apps or request a unique one for your user account.

Will this break my current mod manager?

If you’re currently using Nexus Mod Manager, Mod Organizer or another app that uses the old method of getting data from us, you won’t see any change immediately. We have already reached out to the developers of some of the key modding tools that use the old service and will be consulting with them in their efforts to migrate to the new API. 

We are giving notice that the old system will be switched off 3 months from today (Monday, 13th May 2019). This should give developers plenty of time to update their apps to the new API method. After this point, you can still continue to use any software that has not been updated, but you will have to install your mods manually.

Registering my app

If you're creating an app which takes advantage of our API, you can contact the Community Managers (BigBizkit or Pickysaurus) to get your application approved. Only approved applications will be able to use the Single sign-on (SSO). 

You can also ask the user to enter their Personal API Key from the API Access page in their settings in order to log into your app - this method does not require approval. 

Feedback, support and suggestions

We’ve opened up a new channel on the Nexus Mods Discord server dedicated to all things API. If you are having problems using the API or have suggestions on how it can be improved, you can get in touch with us through the Discord or email us


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  1. Dark0ne
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    Locking this thread now as this isn't the place to get support with the API.
  2. Michal121345
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    Api died RIP
  3. Kyaaadaa
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    Things still work normally if you manually download your mods, and drag the zip or 7z file into the drop box under mods.  Tedious, but functional.
  4. xNanashii
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    Same issue here.
  5. calaverx11
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    API is having issues as of 1100 UTC. Been unable to authorize ModOrganizer or use any of the Nexus download functions for about 10 minutes. Only reason I noticed is because it happened to go down while I was installing a mod. MO is reporting "502 Bad Gateway".
    1. kevyn51
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      cant log in too , is the server down ?
    2. Dartix777
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      Same here
  6. Tundrawolf42
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    In response to post #70327758. #70611593 is also a reply to the same post.


    I'm having the same issue

    Same here, seems a lot of people are, hopefully fixed soon.
  7. krindoskore
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    Ok so for everyone who cant update or dont know what to do just uninstall nmm and download it from here
    i couldnt update cuz of some error and i hope this helps
    1. LeonSphynx
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      I did generate the API keys on my account but still got that "authentification failed due to network issues".

      Is there a way to manually input the key into the sofware or something ? I even tried to prevent my firewall from blocking NMM just in case, but it wasn't enough.

      I'm on 0.70.7 version which is at this time the last one so i don't understand how.
    2. astrofish123
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      I'm having the same issue
  8. TheGreatFalro
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    Maybe you should consider adding a much higher or even no limit cap to premium members who paid good money for the membership. 

    The cap is not set in stone.  It can and will change is need arises.  However, the staff has said that less than 1% of users have actually hit the cap.
  9. nad21
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    Maybe you should consider adding a much higher or even no limit cap to premium members who paid good money for the membership. 
  10. 1ae0bfb8
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    update it?