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Nexus Mod Manager v0.60 alpha : Upgrading from v0.53

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Nexus Mod Manager 0.60 is now available in alpha, but it does things a little differently and the update process is more involved. In this video I show you how I updated to 0.60 using Fallout: New Vegas as a test dummy, and I show you how to restore a backup of 0.53 if you need to.

The basic principals should be the same for games such as Fallout 3 and Skyrim.

You can download Nexus Mod Manager 0.60 Alpha here.


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  1. thingemiebob
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    well. that's done it for me and nmm !
    seeing as it decided (as far as i can tell) to just upgrade without giving me the option i'm now inundated with errors saying it can't find the mods installed with nmm and i can either choose one option which deletes the mod or i can keep going in circles until i let it delete ALL of my mods which are claimed not to be in the correct folders WHICH THEY ARE !

    Now having to reinstall everything but using MO as nmm has now destroyed all faith i had in it.

    where as this may not be the correct thread to make complaints such as this the nmm download page has no comment thread that i can find (probably because the bandwidth might get destroyed by the complaints of how utterly crap nmm is), I'm done with it completely and utterly !
    1. KingAlexander23
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      True that absolute bull s#*! it ruined my Skyrim and now it crashes to desktop because its missing its files
  2. davidtb
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    60.0 has spoiled me, I go back to later builds, but return to 60 for the features. Hope to see more of it.
  3. pegueng
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    how do i update from 0.50 to 0.53?

    I suppose that the easiest way to do that would be to just click on the link on the Nexus site where it sais, Install NMM (0.53.7) and the update should start automatically. Don't ye think...
  4. zzjay
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    how do i update from 0.50 to 0.53?
  5. MoRZiLLo
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    Thank You! Time to test :-)
  6. 9Strike
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    im not shure if this is the right place to post it here but can you add a function that detects what you've downloaded. i mean if i download an optional file version 1.0 and the main file is 1.1 then nmm show that the optional file isnt up to date. that would be aswome.
  7. scatcat101
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    Thanks for another great tutorial! Helped out greatly! Good to see NMM adopting the ever-popular profiling feature.
  8. Arkangyl
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    Major thanks and kudos for all of the fantastic video tutorials you do for Skyrim and NMM. Ridiculously good stuff even for someone fairly savvy at modding Bethsoft games (and some others). The time and effort put into these is very much appreciated. It's made my life easier by clarifying confusion and answering questions as I have done things to / with the games. My wife also thinks you have a great voice lol . . . so, uh, could you use a voice scrambler to make it sound robotic and funky?

    Anyway, noticed in your tutorial your desktop of course. You have your icons set up in what looks like tile / icon groups that can be scrolled. It is kind of like Fences but cannot be that, and I cannot for the life of me find what program might be allowing that functionality. It's almost exactly what I have envisioned / wanted for a long time but have never seen.

    So . . . if not to annoying or nuisance-like or horribly off topic, would you mind telling me what you are using to accomplish that please?

    Thanks in advance!!
    1. Gopher
      • premium
      • 8,210 kudos
      Actually it is fences v1.01.143 to be precise.
    2. Arkangyl
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      Holy schamolie, heheh. Thanks for verifying and letting me know. It just looks different than all the screens I have seen of it.
  9. drag5
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    it's incredibly laggy.
  10. DerpyHerpyy
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    Great Tutorial.