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Skyrim Mod Sanctuary 80 : Spybot, Paper World Map & Demonic Soultrap Sound

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  1. chicky540
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    nicely done, as usual
  2. deane9850
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    Since you seems to enjoy having a pet cat running around for your LP, may I suggest getting Inigo

    Seriously, get Inigo!
    1. Barum
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      >pet cat

      r u hevin a gigl m8
      il rek ur nord ass
      1v1 me irl
      khajit master raec
  3. popcorn71
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    ...OH...some people won't die...
    LOL that made my day.
  4. Kursan
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    I share your sentiments on the map and tried a paper map version some time ago, I think it was Warburgs, but perhaps there is another. Anyway the trouble with it was that it actually affected the "real" world graphics and messed up the long distance views horribly.
    I take it you found no such weird symptoms in the game after installing this map?
    Like I said I think you hit the nail on the head about immersion with this map and I will give it a try.
    1. tekn0mega
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      I've been using it since it came out, no problems for me!
    2. Warburg
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      The earliest iteration of the paper map mod had some problems. Although, the version out currently has undergone dozens of updates to ensure it's working on the latest version, with very minimal issues.

      I personally use it all the time and never run into any problems at all, in-game or in-map.

    3. Kursan
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      Its just my dotty old memory sorry, just realized that the map mod I had tried before and gave me these issues was the "Better world map with roads" mod.
      I installed your map (version 2) and like it, works fine.
  5. FaceEmbrace
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    The second character walking with the bear hood, What armor mod is that?
  6. Khalifrio
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    The first house I found with this type of crafting system was Breezehome Fully Upgradable, it can be found at http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/11158/?. Not sure it was the first ever for Skyrim but I think its the most popular. It does not have a loot sorting system, yet. But there are a bunch of planned up grades in the works so its possible in the future.

    The flaw I find with Jaggarsfeld and a lot of other house mods is location. Out in the middle of no where just does not work for me on a convenience level. I like to have a merchant or two around to sell off unwanted items or to be able to buy crafting items when I find my self a bit short on materials for that next weapon or potion. Breezehome is located perfectly for access to merchants.
    1. RotnZombie
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      Jaggarsfeld is my new favorite home, so much so that while using the mod tundra defense i made the house the center of my town. Also set up the shop right next to it, best decision ever.
  7. ZshlomiA4
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    i always like your videos, they are great, but, i have been waiting for quit some time now for you to make a video, or test, this mod - http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/41087//? (become high king of skyrim).
    it's a pretty immersive mod, as it's giving an end to the civil war, and a ruler (plus, gives you a lot of control and fun functions)

    if you hadn't tried already, you really should, Gopher
  8. Odahviing
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    Thanks for the Video its awesome

    Can maybe someboy give me the link to the thumbnail pciture in full size?

    Cant find it.. :/
  9. devanroth22
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    The Demonic Soultrap is cool, but i think i might need your laugh tossed in at the end, Gopher. lol it really ties it together for me!
  10. tekn0mega
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    Warburgs map is so damn awesome. Hopefully it will get the attention it deserves now!