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Skyrim Mod Sanctuary 78 : Dawnbreaker, Torches and Concentrative Fire and Frost Shouts

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  1. iszex47
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    What mod does gopher use to improve the damage of his weapons
    1. phun1901
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      Skyre by t3nd0s - it overhauls the damage and armour values of everything, so its not just punchier weapons as it's all balanced. It also changes a lot more than that, especially perks and reworking some basic spell mechanics.

      So that weapons added by other mods aren't left underpowered usually you also use the "reproccer". Its a bit of work to read up on, but its a brilliant overhaul
  2. Kursan
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    Well for once I find that particular mod selection quite ironic.
    So we have a mod that makes dungeons dark as they should be, and then introduce a mod that lights up the place like the vanilla game as a constant effect, so whats the point of making the dungeon dark in the first place?
    I use the darker dungeons on hardcore setting also because I want that creepy feeling of the dark unknown, and I use a torch or light spell as needed to find a lever or loot. That way I get to enjoy both. To each their own I guess, still nice presentation as always.
  3. SigiBaes
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    Gopher, about that last thing you said... Just use this mod, in my opinion it's better, I have used it for a long time, and I'm still using it
    DragonFire - Tactically Enhanced Breath Shouts

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    just a note on the daedric dawnbreaker mod, apparently it can be installed with some of the dawnbreaker replacers(the ones with no esp)allowing you to have the effect with the upgraded look, also thank you for steering me tword the concentrative fire and frost shouts mod , I haven't had so much fun months, lol half of skyrim is burning . looking forward to your next video
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    thx gopher for mods
  6. flipperover08
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    Thanks again Gopher, great video. I can't wait to see what mods you review next week. Keep up the good work.
  7. Captcakes1
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    I think that's the shout mod you were describing. I just got passed the Parthunax part with it installed without any problems, however I don't have all three words of power yet. Basically the description says the default shout is word one. Word two is the fire or frost ball dragons fire at you from long range. Word three is the stream. Anyway might be worth checking out. Cheers.
  8. huthuthut83
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    Gopher what is that mod that gave you those visuals from the shouts that caused the fire to stay so long?
    1. Nightwolfhunter
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      I think that is Dragon Combat Overhaul. Basically the dragon shout mod gives you the dragon's version of the shout, and DCO makes shouts make a wall of fire or frost.
    2. huthuthut83
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      It looks a lot like Fire and Ice mod
    3. Beetlecat
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      Fire and Ice Overhaul causes ice and fire to stay/spread, making combat with magic much more of a messy affair.
  9. lordromel
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    did you try this one ?

    Immersive Spells and Light - Spells emit light by Quando
  10. flaouze
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    Hey Gopher! Thanks very much for everything you do.
    I was sorry to hear about the terrorist attack in a Bus today in Norway - hope you and yours are OK.
    Praying for the victims and their family