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Skyrim Mod Sanctuary 75 : CONAN Hyborian Age

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  1. chicky540
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    now this one of those mods you MUST have... the fathers-sword is one of my all-time favourites, 2hand-berserk-style ftw
    i got lost inside too, but i really enjoyed a 4 hour evening / night with all those memories... well, then finally i couldnt find the swith behind the throne, got lost again, got reaaaally tired and just looked that one up because everything else was dead already. srsly, that thing was awesome / is awesome
  2. Hallinskioi
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    I found the mod to be really enjoyable, however I got lost for like 2 hours trying to get into the troll cave. I just had no idea how to open the gate- I wish there had been some form of help. Either a marker or better journal entries. (I'm saying this without trying to cause offence)
  3. trued
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    n/m, wrong post
  4. raster10
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    I like ur Vids and ur comments! Keep up the good work!
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    The camo has been fixed and will be featured for the 2.7 update.
  6. krittol
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    Hi Gopher, my first post on your videos and just want to say i absolutely love them, and considering you obviously love immersion as much as i do they always help me find the mods i need to really bring Skyrim to life. As well being very new to modding, your instructions are very informative and have helped me quickly learn how to apply some mods to my game.
    I actually saw this latest installment of SMS on YouTube, and noticed you posted that you used the mod "Pure Waters"... checking it out on the Nexus, the author has mentioned that it may have compatibility issues with CoT and some lighting mods. I also play with SkyRe and Frostfall and hear that a number of water mods have an issue that causes you to not be able to fill your water bottles in sources of water. So what i am asking is if you know of any water mods that will be compatible with the mods I'm currently having a play with? Any help would be appreciated mate, and thank you.

    Climate/Lighting Mods currently being used:
    - CoT + Sounds
    - Supreme Storms
    - ELFX
    - Claralux
    - Frostfall (in particular still being able to fill water bottles)
    1. AKcelsior
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      Hey man don't hijack this thread.
  7. AKcelsior
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    Boy that camo... Let's be honest, it looks more like a texture error than camo. With all the awesome asthetics I must ask what were you thinking prometheus? It's an absolute void, like at any moment I expect Hermeus Mora to pop out. It def needs to be lightened a bit and a bit transparent. Think of the mud from Predator.
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    Thanks for portraying our mod in Mod Sanctuary Gohopher glad u enjoyed .
  9. Kursan
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    Thanks Gopher for the great presentation of this mod, once again you make me consider trying out a mod I would have otherwise passed by.
    I agree that a mod that allows to switch between one and two handed styles is long overdue; I saw the comment below that points to a mod that developed that mechanic for a particular weapon, but it will take someone of your skill level for example to make such a mechanic work for any weapon.
    That would be a fantastic game addition, hope you consider it.
  10. fantasyjunkie
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    I love this mod! Especially the female armour and the black war paint! Very well done!