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How to install Skyrim Mods : A Beginner\'s Guide

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New to this whole 'modding' thing? This Beginner's Guide may be for you. Over the course of several videos I will attempt to give you the knowledge and experience to mod your game easily and safely, starting from the very basics.

*WARNING* This series really is aimed at people who are new to modding. No prior modding experience is needed, only a willingness to learn.

There are already four episodes but several more are on the way.

Part 1 : The Basics
Part 2 : The User Interface
Part 3 : Water
Part 4 : Textures


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  1. dj09obs
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    Tried to download mods before earlier in October and kept getting an error page that kept telling me to log in or wait for the problem to be resolved. Tried again today and still the same thing. Why is this a thing, are there other places to get mods like these for skyrim that I can try?
  2. dokterisaac
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    i have try to much time to install that mod but that is cant use in windows 8.....
  3. Looganarmy
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    I cant download any mods allways sayin server unavailable or error any ideas why
  4. suchaskiver
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    Everytime i load the mod mnager it comes up with (Mod Manager could no load mod.......SMIM or something similar to that, I have reinstalled the mod manager but it still happens
  5. Dongabhana
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    Im new at Skyrim and modding. I went through the videos and now I can use cloaks, and I ride a wolf.
    Thank you random citizen - really helped! 
  6. Parasite55
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    Thanks a bunch cdcooley, I appreciate it a lot..........
  7. cdcooley
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    LOOT is a program (not a mod) so you can install it anywhere on your system. Some people install them in their Program Files folder, others install them under the Skyrim folder, I have a separate area just for little utility programs like LOOT, TES5Edit, etc. along with an area where I keep a backup of downloaded mods.
  8. Parasite55
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    I hope this is the right place to ask this, if not then I'm sorry,  Where do I extract  "L.O.O.T." to? I could not find  it any where. I have downloaded it to WinRAR on my desktop for now, but no where did it say to extract files to. Any help would be greatly appreciated!  Sorry for the newb question..............
  9. ChaosOrdeal
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    I suggest changing the title of this thread.  From the title, it seems like an aid for people who have never installed a mod before, but it's actually about modding Skyrim, not installing mods other people made.
  10. enkephalin07
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    No text version? I didn't care to sit through lectures while I was in school -- that's what those horrendously expensive textbooks were for. I'm even less inclined now that it's not obligatory.