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Skyrim ENB Mods 4 - RealVision ENB (Performance)

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In this video I was looking for a more performance friendly ENB mod and after trying quite a few I finally settled on RealVision ENB (performance version).

Installation video that covers this mod can be found here.

For an overview of the aims of this series see this video.

Download link for mod:
RealVision ENB


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  1. Armi88
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    you are prob in the enbseries folder!
    the file you want to edit is in the skyrim main folder (where the skyrim.exe is)
  2. chocolatenoodle
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    Using the RealVision Performance and I just can't get Nighty Eye to work. Problem seems to be that my Skyrim\enbseries\enbeffect.fx.ini file is different from everyone else's. Much fewer lines. Here's the full text:
    Day: Tone Mapping Curve=8.0
    Day: Contrast Intensity=1.475
    Day: Color Saturation=1.6
    Day: Oversaturation=160.0
    Night: Tone Mapping Curve=8.0
    Night: Contrast Intensity=1.475
    Night: Color Saturation=1.6
    Night: Oversaturation=160.0
    Interior: Tone Mapping Curve=8.0
    Interior: Contrast Intensity=1.475
    Interior: Color Saturation=1.6
    Interior: Oversaturation=160.0

    That's everything in the file.
    I've tried adding the line

    at both the bottom and top and neither has any effect on the game. Using no other mods that affect Night Eye.
    Any ideas?
  3. Vasten
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    can anyone help me with this problem? after installing the Option A Performance ENB
    link here: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/30936/?
    and after installing following all instructions, i get these weird textures on everything. all pixalated
    enb2013_10_0100_58_19_79_zps3206a201.pngsorry not sure how to post pictures properly but i hope you can see the problem (in the second picture)
  4. Lo0py
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    Umm could anyone help me with this little problem? I'm trying to install the Realvision ENB but i can't find the SweetFX folders and all the other things you need.
    Would appreciate a answer!
  5. Vainlash
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    I'm using this mod, but my fps drops goes from 50ish to a constant 30-34. I'm using no HD textures or anything like that.

    Anything I can do?
    1. XenonPK
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      Disable MSAA probably...
    2. Gryphex
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      Disable the MSAA and use the SweetFX there is SMAA Injector which gains more performance with highest quality with a lot of effects.
  6. deleted6803565
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    I love your work first all especially about ENBs though I have a question that I cant find and answer too and hoping you can...is there any mod that allows night eye while using an ENB or a decent ENB with night eye? im trying to play a sneak thief but with my ENB and RL I cant see anything lol thanks in advance and keep up the awesome work
    1. ewi65
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      just open the enbeffect.fx file and delete the two lines in front of
  7. indigoblades
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    Thank You i really like this mod (ENB 0168, Option A, FULL and PERFORMANCE) ... saw gophers install vids so gave a try and pleasantly surprised. ... i used 2 enb's before and this is by far my favorite both in terms of performance and quality. The first ENB i tried long ago was too slow & i may have messed up the install. then i tried another and was happy after i used ENB customizer with it. For those like me that require Nightvision, just un-comment the "#define APPLYGAMECOLORCORRECTION" at the top of the enb  "enbeffect.fx" file.
    //use original game processing first, then mine


    (what does this do?, just reduce the saturation & other colorization effects some, it still looks nice slightly different but good)


    So if you are not using a enb because of night vision try that and see if u like it. I have never noticed anything transparent with Amd video cards, but i never looked for it either. 


    Also i was so impressed with the performance one, i tryed the FULL 0168 and i like it but it may be a hair slow for my system. i dont need the dof, but the AO looks so nice (go in the enb gui and play with AO strength and the difference is obvious).... I want to customize the FULL version some for speed, change the quality of SSAO to between your setting's and boris's original settings, unchecking complex AO, and use Dynovision to get DOF (not as nice but no fps hit). Do u have other performance suggestions? I hate to give up AO, i want bring the FULL back to something mid range.  ....  and my video card is AMD so i really dont think hardware AO is an option.


    For those considering this mod, i recommend it. ... my skyrim has about 30 mods & my system is upper mid range. None overclocked AMD 8120, 16GB mem and an HD 7850, it runs the PERFORMANCE all most as fast as vanilla for me (PERF enb 50fps to  60 fips vs 60fps vanilla noramlly outdoors). The FULL drop my skyrim to 30 to 40 fps ... it feels faster tho, may be coz it 'hickups' less. I am so used slow frame rates in bethesdia stuff, i expect some slow downs and LOTs of hickups. 


    Thank You again for the great mod. i was impressed and works flawlessly ... also if YOU are not crazy about enbs and just as soon not use one, i see no reason to downgrade this mod. its very well done, easy to install and its sounds to me like you just dont like enbs ( thats fine if u think the quality vs performance trade off is not worth it, just again don't bash the enb developers because after doing minor customization's of my enbs i can tell this ENB was done very well & it is a lot of work).  

  8. Kenpachido
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    thanks you for such a wonderful ENB ) loved it !
  9. Daykan
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    One of the best ENB.
    1. ewi65
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      yes, yes, yes and: yes.
    2. UnrealWarfare
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      Daniel Bryan fan?
  10. Riviorth
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    How can I deactivate this Mode and return my ugly original Skyrim?
    1. UnrealWarfare
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    2. DeathcultRogue
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      You could always just delete the ENB files and you'll never have to press Shift+F12 again.
    3. UnrealWarfare
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      You can do that as well if your goal is to remove the ENB completely.