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The post-apocalyptic survival weapon that it´s always need.

Permissions and credits
The only correct version is 1.0.2 or higher, download again if you had older ones

Survivor Spear

Always loved the Spear from Fallout 1. After merging ideas from previous spears mods that are available, I came up with this one. Can be repair with a Lawnmower Blade or a Pool Cue. On raiders, it has 50% to spawn instead of a Pool Cue, 25% for NPCs, 20% for loot/vendors.  

  • Base Damage: 8
  • Critical: x2
  • Value: 25 caps
  • ID: xx00CD88

How to install it?
To install just add the .esp file and all the folders ( /textures, /Meshes)  into the /data folder and enable. Reload (sleep, wait some hours, go inside a building...) to enable full changes on the saved games. Notice that you can remove shishkebab textures if you like, but will loose quality. 
- Should be highly compatible with any mod that doesn´t alter the Pool Cue condition lists.
- Always keep a clean savegame, in case you what to rollback. 
- Shishkebab textures will increase their quality as well. 

Followed Design Philosophy?
Attached as much as posible to the  "Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch". I try to ensure that this and future versions of the mod will be compatible with the patch. Trying to achive as much in-game integration as possible (i.e. keep the same icon style) . Any recommendation/contribution is always welcome. 

Any credits for this mod?
Spear modders resource by fatmanmagister.
Shishkebab retexture by macintroll.
Realistic Melee Weapons by Angmarod and Trey5511

A companion for the mod?
Try out Exotic Caravans, to improve the look and fill of the traders. 
Try out Armored Wasteland, improvements over Power Armors, Super Mutants, Raiders and the Wastelanders. 
Add an epic revolver to the wasteland: .44 Eagle Revolver

Future improvements in mind?
- Be able to craft the weapon (need help on this)