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This is a modders resource, it adds 2 new vehicle meshes. A panel truck, and a pickup truck.

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Vanilla models and textures reworked by Hengebobs

This modders resource adds 2 vehicle meshes, a pickup truck, and a panel truck. Plus various colored versions of them, and a few retextures of the Car03 DDS, and one slight retexture of the AutoChassis DDS.

I was sick and tired of the 'sameness' of the vanilla vehicles, additionally, in a future-esq 1950s America your honestly trying to tell me there are NO pickup trucks? Seriously? Well, this solves that, to an extent. Note that i'm not done, i am working on other models as well. And i'm still working on the 'hulk' versions of these vehicles.

This is a modders resource, as such you can do what ever you want with it under the Bethesda ELUA as long as you give me credit for my work.


Bethesda for FO3

Nifscope for its magicey-ness

Blender where i made these

Photoshop where i did the textures and pics