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With this mod you need more XP to gain levels and also get less XP than a normal game for combat kills and other things. So you level up much much slower, giving the freedom to play slowly and not hit the level cap for a long time.

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With this mod you need more XP to gain levels. So you level up much slower, giving the freedom to play slowly and not hit the level cap for a long time.
There is also no bonus to XP gained from playing on Hard or V Hard, along with many other XP decreasing tweaks (combat, hacking, disarming mines etc etc).
Discovery XP has been increased though to promote exploration and finding more areas to gain XP in and XP increasing opportunities.

This mod only touches XP values, nothing else so is safe to use with any mod other than those that deal with XP. Just load this mod after those to make this mod override them.

This mod is now totally made within the GECK, so should be no problems. Also increased types of versions to futureproof the mod (and as requested by some folks), as time goes on more and more mods will come that increase the amount of combat and XP increasing opportunities (MMMF3 for example), thus mods that slow levelling will be more of a requirement to some people. This mod now gives lots of choice as to just how slow you want your level ups to be.

To install:

Place ONE esp in your 'Fallout3/Data' folder. ONLY use one at a time, you can change them at any time however and are compatible with existing saves.

Launch with launcher and tick new esp under Fallout3.esm. Or use a load order programme like FOMM (Fallout Mod Manager by Timeslip).

Difference between the mods. The only difference is all use different iXPbumpbase values, all other tweaks are the same accross all mods (except LITE versions they only touch the values listed below). Here is a quick rundown of the stat in question:

Super Duper Extreme - iXPbumpbase 600
Super Duper Slow ---- iXPbumpbase 525
Extremely Slow ------ iXPbumpbase 450
Very Slow ----------- iXPbumpbase 375
Slower -------------- iXPbumpbase 300
Slow ---------------- iXPbumpbase 225
normal game ------ iXPbumpbase 150

So Slower Levelling version requires twice as much XP to advance a level etc.

Slower Levelling LITE versions
The only attribute touched in LITE version is amount of XP required to advance levels. No decrease in XP gained, just increase in XP required to level up. See above chart for values (ixpbumpbase).

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