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This is a modders resource only. Remodelled chinese assualt rifle to more resemble an RPK (or is it RPD? i can never remember which is which). Sufice it to say its a freaking Light Machine Gun now.

Permissions and credits
Model and retextures by Hengebobs

Note: OpposingFarce has released a mod addin the LMG in game. Its available here:


This is a modders resource. The new upload titled 'STchineseWeapons' has several updated mesh files, textures assigned, with a feeding port added to the weapon, as well as a static version with no drum and a seperate static of the drum. Also included is a fix-stocked chinese 'assualt rifle' with a slightly longer barrel and a chinese assualt rifle retextured to match the other 2 weapons called a 'Chinese Carbine' there are also static versions of all 3 with the mags removed (cuz who stores thier weapons with mags in them?) all with the textures properly assigned. The weapons are fully functional.
These weapons are being added to my Veterans Dream Home Mod hence why i'm not bothering to make a seperate 'mod' for them. However seeing as my VDH mod is enormous i figured some people wouldn't want to download it just to take a few resources out of it. Note: at the time i am posting this file the weapon has been added into my VDH mod.

However you want under the Bethesda Softworks ELUA. Just give me credit for my work.



Bethesda for FO3

Nifscope (where i rigged it)

Blender (where i adjusted it from the vanilla chinese AR and the combatshotgun)

Bunsaki for helping me learn this sh*t...and for giving me the idea from one of the weapons in the Miria mod

NOTE: the base texture for the chinese assualt rifle i used is i believe from a texture replacer, however, i have no idea which one. While i have EXTENSIVELY modified it the base work is someone elses (and even then it was edited from the vanila texture) if you recognise the base texture or your the author please let me know so i can credit it properly.