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Adds the unique rifle Wanda to the game with a few options. **UPDATE** A new model with rails and an EOTech sight has been added.

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I've added a new standalone version with an updated model featuring rails and an EOTech sight.

This is a new version of my Add Wanda mod with a slightly different mesh to the previous version (a shorter barrel). Due to the comments about the last version I've included the option of having Wanda in black or the original FO3 texture as well as stockless versions of both, just activate the .esp with the version you want.

AddWanda_v2.esp - Wanda in default G3 texture with stock.

Addwanda_v2_nobutt.esp - Wanda in default G3 texture without a stock.

Addwanda_v2-blk.esp - Wanda in Black with stock.

Addwanda_v2_nobutt-blk.esp - Wanda in Black without stock.

Wanda can be found in William Brandice's House (in his footlocker) in Greyditch. The footlocker has a hard lock on it so you'll have to work a bit harder this time to get it.

Alexscorpion for his excellent black G3 texture

Rail mesh and texture taken from dcpuser's HK416 SOPMOD.
(no longer available for download)

Eotech sight taken from metallicalec's "Colt M4 Carbines"

You are free to use this in your own mod if you wish all I ask is that you mention the authors credited above and myself.