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A hand saw for modders.

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Name: Hand Saw - Modders Resource
Version: 1.0
Date: 9/27/2009
Category: Models and Textures
Author(s): Bilarion
Source: http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=9370

A hand saw for modders.

This is a hand saw I made in 3d studio as a modders resource. The .rar file contains the mesh, textures (diffuse and normal map) as well as the pipboy icon. I also included an .esp, which places the item in Craterside Supply, just in case you want to test it before you use it.

Use the included file paths or use your own.
For those who want to use the .esp:

Start Fallout Mod Manager and place a checkmark beside the BN_HandSaw.esp file.

1. Start Fallout Mod Manager and uncheck the BN_HandSaw.esp file.
2. Delete the files/folders associated with the mod.

Fallout 3\Data\Meshes\BNHandSaw\
Fallout 3\Data\Textures\BNHandSaw\
Fallout 3\Data\Textures\Interface\Icons\Pipboyimages\Items\items_handsaw.dds

1.0, 2009/9/27 - Initial release.

You can PM me on Fallout3Nexus as 'Bilarion'

Thanks to Bethesda for creating Fallout 3.
Thanks to Fallout 3 Nexus for the a one-stop-shop resource for authors and players.
Thanks to LHammonds for the Readme Generator this file was based on.

Tools Used
3D Studio Max - http://www.autodesk.com/3dsmax
NIFSkope - http://niftools.sourceforge.net/wiki/NifSkope
Photoshop - http://www.adobe.com/products/photoshop/
Readme Generator - http://lhammonds.game-host.org/obmm/tools_readme_generator1.asp

You can do whatever you want with this mod but all I ask in return is that
you give me credit if you distribute any part of this mod.