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Large ring-shape revolving space station on Earth\'s orbit. This SpaceStation101 is a working project, so track this file as I will keep on adding features to it. It may still contain some bugs\'n\'glitches.

Permissions and credits

Space Station 101

Vereena's suite:
"Top Floor, Stunning view, Whole world under her feet"

Finally have some free time on my hands!
And I don't care that Fallout 3 is passe,
I am going to finish this mod because it's definetly worth it!
New update coming soon (very soon)
And if I find a way to port it to NV, I'll do that!

You can watch video preview

--- This mod reqires Mothership Zeta DLC to work ---

--- Where to find it? ---
On Earth's orbit obviously!
'But, how to get inside?'
Look on the screenshot titled "Map Location", inside National Guard armoury depot there is a locked vault (door with claxon lights), get there and find strange looking device lying on the
This will take you to the station, use it again to get back to the Wasteland.

Once you are onboard you can find Bedroom Magnet... next to Vereena's bed, it works exactly
the same way as Strange Device but it lands you in your bedroom instead of hangar bay.
This is made for all of you who wan't to use my station as your base of operation.

--- Work progress ---

Next stage is to populate rings and cargo bays with clutter and NavMesh them so it
will become companion friendly, next on schedule is to clutter living quarters and
finally inner service ring and zero gravity Station central core will be added to

Look at version history on the bottom for details.

Other features will be added upon request (if request will be interesting enough)
or as ideas will pop up in my head.

--- Some details about how it works ---
--(Nerd's Corner)--

Inner service ring contains mostly computer controlled weight charges that moves around
the ring to compensate station's balance when crew or cargo is moving around the station
rings, if those weights would not be applied in proper place at all times, station's
weight balance would become uneven and in worst case scenario slingshot it from its orbit
and tear station apart in a matter of a minute and in mild case scenario create barycentre
rotation and annihilate artificial gravity and actually drive directly to worst case
scenario. Although those weights are not shown in the mod, but they are so important,
that I had to mention them.

Centrifugal force and Coriolis Effect: those chaps are responsible for most of the trouble,
Centrifugal force according to Newtons third law is good idea to create artificial gravity
but unlike the real one it works outwards centre of mass and if rotating object is radius
of rotation is too small it will create awkward feel, because your head will be considerably
lighter than your feet. Coriolis Effect is responsible for funny feeling for objects
"falling" on the floor that will make them appear moving against rotation due to inertia
force working on, besides the Coriolis Effect act on the inner ear and can cause dizziness,
nausea and disorientation.

Enough science babble, read about Newtonian mechanics if you
wish to know exactly what's on stake here , now credits.

--- Credits ---
Bethesda... obviously
Alexscorpion - for PipBoy PDA

Arnold - for Elevator mod, I don't use it, but scripts used there
gave me some ideas on how to make several things for my station.

And I am using Type3 body model by Dimon99

Universal BobbleHead stand script taken from Mini Hideout
mod by Rayek - Wyked

And credit for "Machine That Goes BING" and all other machines in hospital wing
(exept face reconstructor) go to my beloved wife:
Vereena aka. Alexandra
who's Monty Python's one crazy hell of a fan.
Thanx hon!

All credits for authors.

============ Copyright: ============
You have no right to use this mod or its parts or variations in
other mods or to publish it anywhere without my permission.
You can do with it whatever you want as long as you do it for yourself.

============ VERSION HISTORY ==============

- removed some awkward looking items,
- refitted Vereena's bathroom (barber's mirror, new wallpaper and stuff),
- added "you are here" minimaps and signs to help you navigate through the station.

- This is a requested update, it simply adds bedroom magnet to players suite.

- Small, tiny little update of messages in MedBay, nothing really important,
but I thought It should be added.

- Med bay clutter, surgeon menu, ammunition forge, clutter in living
quarters section 135, even more clutter, more NavMesh in finished sections.

- I have fixed several small bugs, displaced segments, wrong price for
the door, also added some navmesh to the cells and removed floating
stuff from MedBay.

- Small update for weapon display that will automatically reset fallen
weapons (see readme in RAR file)
- Now as a prelude to a new theme I have made a choice of two types of
door you can have in player's suite( of course you have to pay for it,
but when this place was built no one even imagined paying with bottle
caps, so you must have some prewar money to pay (awww... you don't have
any? You never bothered to collect them? Your bad, but check living
quarters, I am sure I saw a printer there, maybe it still works...)
- Some clutter was added during the process.

- Fixed strange control device, now it works back again!

- Teleport location changed (now it's in docking bay 1).
- Both docking bays are partially cluttered now.
- Botanic Garden 1 is rearranged (now looks less like a heap of swamp).
- Added Universal BobbleHead Stand and some models in player's suite.
- Armoury display is made (look in ReadMe file to read more).
- Dock Bay's door and force field scripts still needs fixing.

- Due to quite important bugs I made second release before planned
time, I have updated vanishing bathroom and most importantly, transporter
has added console to give you more options(Megaton, Tenpenny Tower and Rivet
City) also you can't cheat anymore and use transporter during battle.
- Transporter issue is: Once activated it teleports you into station, but
when you enter teleport to go back, it returns you to the place where you
activated the device, if it was in station you are stranded there.

V 1.00
- Basic, First relase