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Scout the wastes without carrying a 10Lb sniper rifle!

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Binoculars and Portable Scopes:

Scout the wastes without carrying a 10Lb sniper rifle!

This mod adds binoculars and standalone sniper scopes to the game. It also allows you to take any sniper rifle to any workbench and remove or re-attach it's scope as often as you like, which in no way affects the normal operation of workbenches. Just a couple of things I thought the vanilla game was missing. Binoculars can be repaired using binoculars, and sniper scopes can be repaired using more scopes.

I did what I set out to do with this mod, so I think this will be the final version.

Binoculars have been added at:

Tenpenny's Balcony
Craterside Supply in Megaton
Lucas Simms' house in Megaton
Arkansas' perch in Minefield
The top floor of the Washington Monument
Underworld Provisions
Eulogy Jones' balcony at Paradise Falls
Reilly's Ranger Compound, in a downstairs storeroom
Flak 'n' Shrapnel's in Rivet City Marketplace
Wheaton Armory
The National Guard Depot
as well as a few other places here and there.

Sniper scopes have been added at:

The Super-Duper Mart, in the storeroom at the back, next to the computer that activates the robot
Reilly's Ranger Compound
Lock 'n' Load at Paradise Falls
Flak 'n' Shrapnel's at Rivet City Marketplace
Agatha's house
and a few other random places.

De-scoped sniper rifles can be found at:

Flak 'n' Shrapnel's at Rivet City (in single shot and full auto versions)
Lock 'n' Load at Paradise Falls
and one or two other places.

Thanks to Shur1kan for his help in modifying the workbench script, to svartberg for making the pip boy icons, and to Bethesda for allowing us the means to make our own adventures.


The usual drill, unpack the archive to your data folder and activate the .esp.


Pulling the trigger whilst not zooming still activates the firing animation (for a pistol), but no ammo comes out and it makes no sound. As far as the game engine is concerned it's a weapon with no ammo type, that fires no rounds and has no sounds, but still a scope. Has been tested point blank on NPCs. Some of them will, however, tell you to "go shake that thing somewhere else!" So turn on the jukebox and bop away.

The binoculars overlay graphic (crosshair/hud/field of view, or whatever you call it), can't be made any wider due to the way the engine's coded as far as I can tell. If anyone knows how to remove the letterbox that cuts off the sides of the screen beneath the overlay, let me know and I'll adjust the binoculars accordingly.

Feel free to use this mod in your own projects, but please credit me and let me know what you're working on if you do.

Enjoy :)