About this mod

Adds nearly everything: New weapons, encounters, quests, changed default quests, creatures, game mechanics, armors, and so on.

Permissions and credits


Name: Fallout 3 Tactics Plugin
Update: v4
Author: Shubniggurath
Size: 1,29 GB
Requirements: Fallout 1.7, Fallout Mod Manager



1.: Everything that is done by me is free to copy without asking for permission, as long as you credit me.

2.: If you are unsure about the authorship of a part that you want to use, feel free to ask me or the community about it.

3.: DON'T reupload this plugin to any netspace without my personal permission!



Update v4:

Heave ho, here we go!
No, neither me or my plugin are dead. Here you have the fourth version of it, with midteks updated compatibility patches and a löoad of other new and cool features. I will answear the last comments in the next few days.
Have fun with it.


- Updated compatibility patches
- More Compatibility Patches
- Experimental Alchemy System
- More Stable
- Neat and Nice Melee & Energy Weapons
(Can't yell it out enough)

EVE, MMM, FWE, Lings Coiffeur:
--- !See the Load order section for the load orders with the compatibility files! ---
The first update of midteks FWE and MMM patches is finished. Lings DLC and Lings Coiffeur are now compatible with the changes of the fo3tp races. Damn, midtek did a great work, he must have spend days to get the patches to work! Added a fo3t gameplay setting that balances fo3t for use with fwe.

Starter kits:
You can now choose a starter equipment equal to a profession or vita. You can choose it one time at the config terminal. When you take a starter kit, every other item will be removed from your inventory, so be carefull! You can only get a starter kit once with your character. Atm the bonuses and starting points aren't working, thats a thing for the future. But you can already get the equipment.

Metro City:
Added a lot of npcs, edited the city a little bit, made the population use the furnitures and idle markers. Finally the city is coming to life a little bit :) Raise your glasses! Added aplayer house. It's simple and free from nnessecary clutter, though filled with all non-respawning containers and a fast exit and enter once you obtained it.

There is now a Ninja Perk for unarmed fighters AND for Melee Fighters.

Expansion Packs:
Added files for all DLCs, except Mothership Zeta. Some of the DLCs have extra contents now. Take a look at point 15 of this readme (THE DOWNLOADABLE CONTENT).

Fixed the Projectiles that didn't appear in VATS mode.

Changed the multispawn actor disposal script. Now the dead actors will be removed into a trash can cell, where they get disposed. A quick test of this has shown that the cell re-enter-ctds are gone :) Looked through all armor and weapon models for not given names of the single NiTriStrip and NiNode names, which can too crash the game. Surprise: found some, fixed all, hopefully reduced ctds.

Fixed the ctd bug with Brothershogos Myamato Armor (Tank Armor in Fo3tp) and added it back to the game. Edited all Power Armors to look much more like POWER ARMORS instead of power armors :)

Added back the missing repaired Super Mutant variations. And hell, do they look good now! Added Tumbajambas Alphaclaw as Enclave Deathclaw with a really lean and mean appareal. Added a new texture to the default Centaur. Added a new kind of Super Mutants: Executioners. If they start to fight, they mow down everything nearby. And it doesn't matter if its a friend or a foe. Changed the Mutated Dog creature into Hyena, with new meshes and textures. Increased the presence of Spiders in the wasteland. Added a new Skeleton to the Shell Ants. Deleted a lot of creatures around the Jefferson memorial, for performance reasons. Deleted the Ghostbugs.

Added back the missing new Human Ghoul Textures by Skarmonyx. Removed the Brotherhood and Talon Patrols in the Mall. Added the Army Power Armor to the checkpoint Ghouls.

Set the Pulse Carbine to Full automatic. Fixed the Sawgun loading mechanism to not crash the game anymore. Improved some textures and meshes. Added some cool new melee weapons. Redone all weapon spawnlists. Enemies now spawn again with firemodes, so push up your resistances.

Added an alchemy system. You can find recipes in the wasteland. They tell you what ingredients are needed for either healing pastes, foods, posions, drinks or chems. The poisons can be equipped on every weapon and will add their effect to the first next succesfull hit, that you do with that weapon.

You can enter the Outcast base again (Protector Casdin is still untouched) and exchange the fo3tp weapons. The GNR Garrison now does have a trader and the player has an own bed and locker. Sarah Lyons is now modified by an ai package script, so there shouldn't be any incompatibilities with Broken Steel Start script anymore. Made the Lyons Pryde Paladins essential (immortal). Made all explosions in the Liberty Prime scene non-radiating and removed the fo3tp image space modifier from them. Repaired various things that was incompatible with broken steel. Fixed some missing objects in the quest file.

Image Space modifiers:
Addiction, head cripple and VATS motin blurs and double visions are gone now.

Bugs i discovered / still persist:

- After three days every citizen of Metro City dies and doesn't respawn. This only happens to npcs who enter the second level. God knows why.

- I am still hunting that stupid game-freezing bug that happens on level up and very rarely when playing fo3tp with fwe.
Luckily it happens very rare...
I deactivated every script and effect with gamemode and / or menumode blocks and conditions but i still can't fix it. I also set the process delays of all additional fo3t quests to different times, so they don't process simultaneously, but that also didn't help. If you have any idea, i will be very thankfull for your help! The bug appears on completely different level ups, with or without other big mods. So it must be something within fo3t, though i heard about people who not use fo3t also have this bug from time to time.



Welcome and have an interesting time.

This plugin is a wide range additional, that adds new game mechanics, npcs with new dialogues, firearms, animals, monsters and locations, quests, new parts for the old quests, new dialogue to many Npcs, new encounters and (oh my god - that was a bunch of work), the feature to modify the most things this plugin contains. Doing so defines the way you have to act. That's why I called it "tactics". So there's no relation to Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood Of Steel in here.


The configuration Terminal can be found in Springvale. When coming from Vault101, its the first house on the left.
With the ingame configuration terminal you can turn nearly every feature of this plugin upside down. So you don't need to keep the read me in mind. This gives you the possibility to play this fallout 3 plugin the way you like it and change the balance every time you want. It can, speaking in religious terms, make the game worse than hell, great like heaven or simply fun like earth. And the best is - you can get a portable version, so you can change the following things on the run:

You can define:

- The amount of base health for the player
- How much lbs your character can carry
- If you want healing items to heal only temporary or steady or steady and limbs
- If you want to play with or without the new radiation stats and perks
- If you want to play with or without the real-time Action - Bonuses And Maluses systems (A-BAM)
- If you want to play with or without effects for wounded limbs
- If you want to play with or without a weight penalty or advantage
- If actors should have the new resistances and attack abilities or not
- The prices of items you buy from a vendor
- The spread of your weapons
- If you must have a specified skill value to open rusted containers or not.
- If a tool you used to open a broken container should be removed from your inventory or not.
- If you want to play with or without the new melee damage effects
- If you want to play with or without the new critical hit effects
- Reset every setting to default with one button click,
- How many Creatures or NPCs spawn at a spawn point.
- If the weather influences your skills or not.
- If the Daytime influences your skills or not.
- Which config preset you want to play (Easy going, Challenging, Specialist, Blackmetal ist Krieg, Fo3T Standard)
- How high the damage scale of either the Fo3T weapons, or only the vanilla weapons or only other mods weapons shall be
- If wearing sunglasses affect the screen tint
- If you want power armor helmets to have nightvision or not
- How fast your character accumulates radiation.

A-B.A.M. (Action Bonuses and Maluses)

The A-B.A.M.is a script that constantly checks for your type of movement, action and physical condition. Based on specified criteria it will give you a skill and stat malus or bonus list for each. The values of these lists will change under circumstances like character level, encumbrance and other things. Which values are allocated to which condition can be seen at the ingame documentation at the configuration terminal.

There are malus and bonus lists for:

- Running
- Sneaking
- Standing
- Walking
- Being knocked down
- How many actors are in your party
- How many actors target you in combat
- Burning
- Swimming
- Being targeted by a hostile actor
- Aiming
- Reloading
- Carried weight
- In which movement mode you fire which weapon
- How strong your radiation disease is
- How hard your limbs are damaged
- Weather
- Wind speed
- Daytime (Sunrise, Day, Sunset, Night)

Apart from the movement modes nearly all bonus and malus lists can accumulate. You can take a look at your Pipboys EFF age if you want to see your actual malus and bonus lists. The outcomes of the list accumulations can be seen on your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. and Skill page, of course.


You now have three different ways to configure the way the food, healing and chemicals work.

Healing method 1:
If you decide to play with the temporary healing feature, every item that heals works like the buffout. That means you really have to watch your health and think before you act hostile to something, decide to attack a creature or walk into a zone where enemies await you. So for example, if you have multiple Molerat meat pieces, you can only benefit from its healing bonus one time. To let another piece of that meat kind take effect, you have to wait until the previous one's bonus disappears.
I suggest you to eat mixed meals, to get a higher healing buff.
But be cautious with this kind of healing: It can sometimes happen, that all your health is given by items, which heal you only for a certain time and then let your health drop to zero.
The same counts for Stimpacks. But Stimpacks will give you a little additional damage resistance too.
To have a real healing, search a doctor or heal your character at your Infirmary. If you play with temporary healing, the sleep is a very dangerous method to heal your character, because the sleep-healing may work too slowly to bring your health to positive values, before the health buff of your food runs out. You have to calculate your sleeping time and your buff time to know if sleeping kills you or not.
To see which kind of food heals for how long, please refer to the ingame documentation. It can be found in the DOCUMENTATION subdirectory of the configuration terminal.

Healing method 2:
Method 2 works like the standard healing, but all things you eat do heal your limbs a very little bit. So if you eat 500 pieces of Cram, that will heal all hitpoints AND your limbs. Though you can not apply food items on limbs.

Healing Method 3:
Standard. Food gives hitpoints, Stimpacks heals limbs too.

- Sinks, Radiation on food:
Another feature is that you can choose to play with or without radiating food, chems and alcohol. If you play with it, all alcoholics, Stimpacks, psychos and so on will radiate you like food does - AND all eatable items radiate you much more. Lucky who owns a food sanitizer.

Regardless of if you decide to play with or without this feature, there still are the water sources like sinks, toilets and hydrants. They only give you a health bonus once per activation and must be repaired before you drink from them. If you lack the skill you can search for a wrench or a hammer. With both tools you can repair all water sources. But as soon as you repaired the water source, the tool will brake and be gone. Keep smiling you can still drink from the Potomac river.

- Healing Radiation with Doctors:
Healing Radiation with a Doctors help works different now. You get your treat and in the next 10 hours you accumulated radiation will decrease. On one side you won't be effected by radiation sources of < 1, but on the other side you still have to look how much radiation you accumulated. The Healing station also works like this.

- Laboratory & Infirmary:
From now on you can only heal you aches if you have the right ingredient. If you don't have that ingredient, you're not allowed to use the option. The menu of your infirmary and your lab will only show the options that you can choose by the ingredients that you have in your inventory.

Heal Hitpoints: 1 Stimpack
Heal Limbs: 1 Med-X / Morphine
Heal Radiation: 1 Radaway
Heal Withdrawal: 1 Rad-X


Oh, oh, oh.
Yet another feature to bring challenge. If you decide to switch the new radiation stats and radiation illness perks to on, you have to avoid every form of radiation if you can. Now the radiation diseases will massively effect nearly every stat of your character and will raise their penalties with every new stage of the radiation amount you accumulated:

- The health
- The gun spread
- The hit chance
- The critical chance
- The experience points you get
- All skills
- Massively the weapon skills
- Your damage resistance
- Your radiation resistance (yes)
- Your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. points
- Your Action points cost
- The damage your limbs take
- The enemies chance to cause critical hits on you
- Your addiction chance.

So you better avoid a radiation if you switch this to on. :-)


Yes, this plugin adds some. Round about pfh... +100 new ones with different firemodes for each. You can, regardless of which skill you prefer, use every weapon efficient if you act with caution and don't use the VATS mode on lower levels, which can result in not hitting the wall in front of you if you lack the weapons skill.

You won’t see many modern weapons in this plugin. And by modern I mean real time firearms like a Famas or an mp7. Breaking the lore is no problem to me but I always appreciated, that this games didn’t add the millionth MP5 or other things that I saw in any other shooter. If you want to use such weapons with Fo3T I recommend you the ARSENAL mod by Toxa or the 20th CENTURY WEAPONS mod by Einherjrar. Just uncheck the weapons esp file before you use them.

Every weapon does have its advantages and disadvantages and are of very different use in different situations. Using a pistol against a raider will work fine, but if you want to be it effective against a Talon mercenary, your character should really know how to handle the gun. The same counts for the enemies, because they use the same instruments as you.

Every weapon can be repaired with appropriate clutter parts. From the good old scrap metal, over the hammers and wrenches, to pilot lights and fission batteries. All vendors have a chance to have some of these parts or sale. But to fully repair a weapon, you need larger amounts of repair items than before. Scavenge them and save them for later, or if you get a good weapon, repair it, before you use it.

If you lack the skill of a weapon you would like to use, you can switch the firemode. You can do this by double clicking your weapon in the inventory. Changing the firemodes will change the way you have to use the weapon and can make it useful even for an unskilled character. All enemies can spawn with a gun switched to a firemode, based on their nature. Raiders and Super Mutants will not often use the AIM firemode, but the OVERDRIVE or OVERLOAD or AUTO mode; more skilled enemies will more often use the AIM firemode and so on.

You can change the firemode only in the inventory menu of your pipboy. You can too assign the weapon to a hotkey. But if you changed the firemode, you have to reassign the weapon to a hotkey.

There are different firemodes for different types of weapons:

Chainsaws use this firemode. Looks ridiculous in 3rd person, but somehow it's absolutely cool. Instead of swinging the chainsaw, you use it for what it was meant to do with: Sawing something.

Only on short knife weapons. The blade points to the ground while holding the knife. Less critical hit chance, higher critical damage. Faster attack speed.

All weapons can be switched to this firemode. The AIM firemode doubles your hit chance, critical chance, critical damage and cuts the spread in two. It increases the damage your weapon takes from using it. Uses 25% more Action points. The AIM firemode is the only one that allows the use of a weapons scope if you play with firemodes. If you don’t, the scopes work the normal way.

Only a few weapons do have this firemode. The AUTO firemode well... it makes your weapon fire automatically, as long as you keep the trigger pulled. But it cuts the weapons hit chance, critical hit chance and critical damage in half, doubles the weapons spread and damages the weapon like hell. The advantage is, that it will make a hell of damage if it hits too. Good for desperate situations or larger amounts of hostile actors. Needs 100% more action points, so for some weapons you have to take a Jet to use this firemode.

One shot per pulling the trigger. Greatly increases your hit chance, critical hit chance and critical damage. Used by automatic rifles and guns. Reduces your spread. With this firemode you can use assault rifles for longer distances. Greatly reduces the amount of used action points in VATS.

Used only by melee weapons. Doubles the damage, lowers the hit chance, costs 100% more Action points, damages the weapon.

The most fun firemode in my opinion. Used by all Chain guns. It doubles your rate of fire, eats a lot of ammo, doubles the spread, reduces your hit chance and makes heavy damage to the weapon. But it mows the foes like tin cans. Super Mutants like to use this firemode. Very extensive.

Used with all energy weapons. A powerful firemode. Works like the OVERLOAD firemode, despite the fact that it doesn't increase your rate of fire but the damage the weapon deals.

Every kind of weapon does have its own fixed 5% chance to cause a critical hit effect. Energy weapons can lower the energy resistance for a short while, or cause energy burnings. Projectile weapons can cause open wounds and knockdowns, right like melee weapons. No energy weapon, neither from a robot nor an npc will burn the hit enemy to an ash pile anymore, though an "ash piled" actor can't respawn. Instead you will see a spectacular hit shader if your weapon does a critical hit.

Weapons can, apart from the normal critical damage, cause different critical hit effects, depending on the weapon type you are using. The chance that such an effect occurs is always very low. Every critical hit does have 3 independent chances to cause an effect. The effect will happen if a dice with 100 sides rolls a number, that is smaller than your Luck.

- Bullet Projectile weapons
3 health damage for 5 seconds
Reducement of 15 damage resistance for 120 minutes

-Arclight energy weapons
5 damage for 5 seconds
Mass incineration (Setting everything around the hit enemy on fire)

-Laser weapons
3 health damage for 5 seconds
Paralysis for 5 seconds

-Ion and Pulse weapons
Energy resistance reduction 15 points for 3 seconds
50% reducement of the condition of the hit targets weapon

-Plasma weapons
5 damage to all SPECIAL points for 5 seconds
All limb conditions -50%

-Melee Weapons
150 damage to a random limb

Like the armors all weapons do have big damage differences. Don't think you can defeat a Power Armor wearing Enclave Soldier with a simple assault rifle or a Minigun in bad condition in no time. It's not called Power armor for nothing, you know?


Melee combat has changed a lot. Blunt and Sharp weapons do have different effects on the opposing combatant. Too, different conditions can change the effects that a strike with a melee weapon can have. All weapons with an edge are sharp weapons, all others are blunt weapons. Axes do count as sharp weapons.

I also changed the blocked damage to 85%. So if you get hit and block the hit, you will only get 15% of the damage you would otherwise receive. If you block with your hand, the blocked percentage is 70%. That means you receive 30% of the damage. So if you encounter larger groups of melee fighters or melee fighters who deal a lot of damage, you are better advised to use a melee weapon too, instead of a firearm.

Sharp weapons

Stab wounds:
Sharp weapons can cause stab wounds, which will damage the hit enemy if they start to run. If you have a stab wound, just walk away and wait until the effect ends. The effect will disappear after a minute.

The hit combatant is blinded for 5 seconds. A hit actors combat skills will be decreased 100 points for 7 seconds. If you, as the player, get a Blinding hit, you will additionally suffer from a 7 second lasting visual blindness effect. You can suppress the value effect by blocking with your melee weapon. Aiming with a gun won't help it.

Bodypart damage:
The Dice rolls and damages either the head or an arm gets a damage of 1 for the next 60 seconds. You can suppress this damage if you stay in walking mode as long as the effect lasts.

Blunt weapons

S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Damage:
One of the seven values is decreased 10 points for the next 10 seconds. If you move. So if you stay put and neither run, sneak nor walk as long as the effect lasts, the decreasing won't happen.

Combat disability:
For the next 3 seconds you can't fight. Neither shooting, nor hitting or aiming or blocking is possible. And there's nothing you can do about it. Ouch!

Bodypart damage:
The mighty dice says, that either the Torso, or the head looses 50 points of health.


There have been added a lot of armors, headgears and variations. All of them have their enchantments and all default enchantment values have been changed to fit the plugin values. But there are more changes. Nearly all armors have been restyled with parts from other armors, so there are a few variations of each of the armors. These variations have different stats too. Simple clothes won't protect you much. And the most armors you can get your hands on, are simple clothes. The next best things are the combat armors, then, with a high damage resistance, comes the power armors.

All armors but combat armors and power armors can be repaired with scissors, wonderglue and scalpels. Every vendor has a chance to have these items for sale.

Like all weapons, all armors now need more items to be repaired than before.

Power armors:
Power Armors now have the "crisis-effect": You can tell the armor to raise 4 aspects of the user: SPECIAL points, Body Condition, weapon skills, resistances. The strength of the effect is defined by your science skill and changes on 25, 50 aand 75 points of invested skillpoints. As soon as you equip a power armor you will get a new device in your AID tab of the pipboy. You should assign this device to a hotkey. To bring up the menu, hit the hotkey and the menu will come up. The selected effect can be seen in the PERK section.

Light amplifiers:
The nightvision simply amplifies all light sources and tints the screen in the colour of the helmet eyeglass colour or the faction colour. All nightvision modes are turned off as long as you are in menu mode. That is to prevent the colour changes to make the menus unnavigatable.
To change the nightvision mode, you simply have to re-equip the helmet. If you don't want to play with NV modes, simply go to the config console and shut that feature off.

Buy or find one. If you activate a dropped backpack you can decide if you want to open or take it. If you open it, the backpack works as a container you can stuff your items in. If you actually use a backpack as a container, and pick another one up, all items will return to your inventory.
But that's not all. The dropped backpack also works as a fast travel marker, so if you are in a deserted area without any markers, you can simply drop your backpack and travel away. If you want to return, just search your backpack marker on the Pipboy map screen. But if you meanwhile picked up or bought another backpack, the marker will vanish.

Shields are made of traffic signs and brake easily. However, you can grab nearly every traffic sign in the wasteland – may it stand next to a street or may it be in the hands of a Raider. They are very valuable, because they give you a very high damage resistance as long as your wear them.


I edited the most wasteland textures and packed them into an optional fomod file. This file is only interesting for those who cn't or won't use NMCs texture package. The textures don't change anything in resolution or colour, they just show more of their details and make the appearance of the world more intense.

There are many new or changed spots in the wasteland. You can find clutter parts to repair your equipment in nearly every town ruin. But you should scavenge them in the daylight, because at night the small-town ruins are roamed by Feral Ghouls.

Computer Consoles:
If your science skill is high enough you loot the computer racks, consoles and whatnot for energy weapon ammo. The chance that you find some is very low, because there are a lot of consoles and comuters in the wasteland.

Slot machines (One armed bandits):
here and there you can find slot machines. Pay 5 bottle caps and play to win up to 500 caps. You can play a few times until the machine breaks. For those hwo already know the slotmachine by interfer0: I changed the script a little. You won't have a menu anymore, just click it one time to insert the coins and then a second time to let the machine play.

Oh boy. There are a lot of new creatures with several variations. All of them do have new abilities; so for example, a Behemoth can make a blowing strike that throws away all nearby actors. Dogs and other smaller creatures can tear you down with a base chance of 10% that raises 3 percent with every additional creature in their group that is attacking you. So with 1 dog in a group of 10 attacking creatures, the dogs chance to make you stumble and fall is 40% per attack. Fiery Floaters can emit an incinerating gas cloud, which sets every actor nearby on fire. Other creatures can poison you with a bite. Pale Centaurs can emit a radiating cloud – similar to the Glowing one attack. Creatures have weaknesses against fire, poison and energy. But they also have their resistances. Its up to you to find out what works and what not.

All Containers, weapons, armors, water sources, healing items and other moveable statics have destruction data. That means that you can destroy nearly anything that is moveable or a container. Doing so can bring you an advantage or disadvantage.
Shooting an ammunition box or container can cause that thing to explode after a while. Of what kind the explosion is, depends on what kind of ammo was stuffed in the container. A grenade container will explode with a grenade explosion, a plasma mine container with a plasma explosion and so on. But you can also drop an inactivated mine from your inventory and shoot at it to let it explode.

But that's not all about containers. The most of them are lying around since over 200 years. The most are rusted or simply broken and must be repaired before you can open and loot them. To do so, you either have to have the right repair skill value, a hammer or a wrench. If you use a tool to open a container, that tool will break after opening the container with it.

Cars and busses now explode with a bigger explosion radius and will radiate their environment much more and longer. Such an atomic explosion will always knock every actor down, that is within the blast radius zone. The good thing for you is that a car or bus wreck needs much longer to explode than before, so shooting three bullets won't even scratch the hull. You have to seriously damage it with a few more rounds or grenades to set it on fire. Beware, that explosions of all types can cause burning effects, radiation, blindness or other disgusting things. Robot Limb explosions can cause shrapnel wounds, all larger explosions can set every actor nearby on fire and so on. Let the wasteland surprise you.

Wasteland Texture Replacers:
With the additional Texture replacers for the wasteland, there comes a subtle green to your eye, if you want to use the textures. All trees are not grey like dust anymore, but slightly brown and the grass and some ground textures are finally green again. After all plants do well with radiation.

What is a computer game without exploding barrels? How we all know, in America even a water filled sink can explode when a bullet hits it ? And so do the new barrels: Radiating and fuel filled ones. If you shoot them, they will explode and either set everything nearby on fire or emit a radiating cloud.


Raiding Scavengers:
Ever wondered where the heck the scavengers get their loot from? If you have bad luck you may run into a group of raiding scavengers who can give you an answear. Some of them are always on the search for wanderers with good equipment. Apart from settlements the wanderers are the best sources of sellable loot. So watch out to not draw your caps instead of your gun if you see the bad bad scavies. But if you survive the fight, you will be lucky with your trophies.

Hideous characters, who hide beyond the faces of their victims. They prefer dark and wide interiors and never act friendly. They eat everybody and everything. Cannibals mostly use melee weapons, but there also are some who use very effective weapons to stop their prey from fleeing. If you meet them, you should either take them out from the distant or be a trained melee fighter. They run much faster than any other human. Their priests sometimes use stealthboys to cloak if they are in danger. But you can also encounter "friendly" Cannibals. These folks will gladly sell you what they hunted. And maybe the note you on the list of prey for the next hunt.

Mercenaries For Hire:
I Added a mercenary system. You can now hire Mercenaries as bodyguards. You have the choice to hire them from 1 day up to a full week. They take 100 caps for 1 day. After this time is over, they will ask you for if you want to make a new contract. They are not invulnerable but highly resistant to the most things. If they survive a combat, they automatically heal themselves. You can only make one contract at a time. If you want to make another contract, you have to cancel the current one or wait until it runs out. You have several options to influence their combat behaviour, that means you can tell them how careful they are in combat and how they react on dangerous situations.

Military Ghoul Remnant Checkpoints:
At every one of the four military checkpoints you can meet Military Ghoul Remnants, who will ask you for a valid ID paper, may it be a metro ticket, a pass card or a military id. If you have shown your ID paper, they won't ask you in the next three days. If you have no paper, or fail the speech challenge, to convince them to let you pass, you have to fight them. But once you have shown your id or win the speech challenge, you can barter with their staff sergeant for ammunition.

Chinese Remnant Ghouls:
They are now straying the whole Arlington cemetery. They enforced their base at Mama Dolces food processing plant and are armed to the teeth with shotguns, grenade launchers, Heavy Machine guns, Chainguns and Rocket Launchers. They also are equipped with the Chinese Combat Armor (AnOneTwo’s & Baelkins Kerberos protection gear) in different variations.

Milk Vendors:
You can find Milk vendors with nearly every Brahmin cattle group and at some populated places, like the Canterbury commons. Once per day you can make a speech challenge to get a bottle of milk for free. If your charisma is high enough. Brahmin milk heals health, limbs and radiation. There are 5 different qualities of milk, which are all different in price and healing value.

I added Sesoms Iguanas. Sweet little guys, they are. You can find some in the cities and others held by owners. The wasteland is basically filled with them, but you can only encounter them once a day if your perception and luck are bigger than the number a dice rolls (Perception + Luck > Random number). They are absolutely friendly. Oh, and here and there you can find some nests.

Bowling range:
South of Fort Constantine you can find Rudyards Bowling range. You can roll ten balls for paying two bottles of purified water. If you make enough points, you can win an item. The items value will depend on the points you make. You can either spend your points or save them to get a better reward later. How the bowling range is operated and what the rules are, can be read on two plaques in the bowling hall. Or you can ask Rudyard himself. There are also some Scavengers, who are playing on the ranges and pastime their pauses with some bowling.

Pet Vendor:
Go to the Northwest Seneca Station and enter one of the houses. A Ghoul will offer you to buy a pet: Either a Wanamingo, a young Yao Guai or one of the other smaller creatures that can be found in the wasteland. You should feed your pet. What it eats depends on its nature. If you don't feed your pet it will slowly loose hitpoints. If you feed it, it will stay strong and enduring. And you can give your pet a name. Every pet does have a few different names to choose from in the pet dialogue. If you would like to have a special name for a pet, just write me a little message on the Fallout 3 Nexus site and i will implement it to the appropriate pet. Oh, and if your pet dies, you can resurrect it with 1 stimpak if you have one. To do so you have to activate the pet.

You can talk with your pets:
- To follow you
- To stay put where they stand
- To Guard an area of 2048 (exterior) or 1024 (interior)
- To eat something, if your player character does have the right item. Eating completely heals your pet and resets their hunger-meter.
- To go to your home, either the Tenpenny tower or the megaton shack.
- To carry some of your stuff.

Pets do also have abilities:

- Rats:
If you sneak and activate your pet, it will climb into your sleave, so you can carry it in your inventory. To get that little brat out again, just drop the item "Pet Rat" from your miscellaneous inventory.

- Wanamingos:
They damage their enemies weapon with their attack. And they can cloak while in combat.

- Dogs:
They can throw down their enemies and damage their legs when they attack.

- Chupacabra:
He can make single enemies flee when he attacks.
You can use him as a packmule.

- Yao Guai:
If this animal cries, it makes all combatants in his radius flee or fall.
You can use him as a packmule.


Every main quest part does have several new NPCs you have to talk, argue, travel, fight and barter or speech challenge with. You will get the chance to get new rewards and to use your science, speech and medicine skill.

There will be few completely new quests too. Nothing long or complicated. But definitively more than just a hunt for notes or items. You mostly won't get a reward but the fact that you survived the quest. Every Quest gives you a little action and a short story.

The first two quests are already up and running:
1.: No Happy End - start at the abandoned shack in front of the Arefu ramp. To enjoy the whole quest, you should have a high speech skill and a good armor.
2.: Remains - Start at the arlington cemetary. You will encounter a group of former military renant ghouls who would appreciate your help to purge the Chinese remnant forces at Mama Dolces Food processing plant.

At the moment there are no new encounters. I have to fix some bugs in the scripts that cause the game to crash.

Brotherhood Outcasts:
If they trust you, they will let you enter their base. Fort Independence is cleaned from clutter and rubble piles. It does now have a Doctor.You now have to deliver them 3 times more items to get them to trust you. You can't bring Fo3tP weapons and armors to the outcasts at the moment. Wait for the next release.

Regulators & Talon Company:
You will randomly have the possibility to speech challenge the hit squad to let you go. If you succeed, they will take all your caps. If you don't succeed, it's bad luck and you have to fight.


There are a few new perks.

Level 1: Light Armor
Requirements: Endurance < 5
What it does: With each of the three Light Armor perk ranks, you gain +5% damage resistance if your Endurance is below 5 points.

Level 3: Hunter
Requirements: None
What it does: With the Hunter perk, you get +8% to all environmental influences (Radiation, Poison, Fire) nice in combination with the Rad Resistance perk.

Level 5: No Sweat
Requirements: Perception > 7
What it does: The No Sweat perk grants you +50% hit chance, if you use a scoped weapon in V.A.T.S. on a target that is more than 2048 units away.

Level 7: Close Quarter Combat
Requirements: Agility, Endurance, Perception > 6
What it does: Whenever you're in a building, a cave or another interior, your Perception, Endurance and Agility increase 1 point and you get +10% hit chance.

Level 9: Super Mutant Killer
Requirements: None
What it does: You HATE Super Mutants! And because of that you cause +25% damage to everything that even sounds like a Super Mutant.

Level 11: Set Phasers To Kill
Requirements: Science, Energy Weapons >= 40
What it does: With the Set Phasers To Kill perk you make 15% more damage with all energy rifles and pistols.

Level 13: Spec Ops
Requirements: Intelligence, Perception, Agility > 7
What it does: The Special Operations perk educates you in Silent movement and the use of silenced weapons and knifes. With this perk you get +15 Sneak and +35% hit chance if you are equipped with a silenced or knife-like weapon.


I know, the most people use Fellout and they do it for a good reason, but making weather is simply fun. This weather section does have already 22 additional weather types. 8 normal, 4 cloudy, 4 storms, 4 apocalyptic and 2 foggy types.

Besides from the changed weather in all wasteland areas, there is now a Weather and Daytime A-BAM (switchable @ the terminal). Both work without the weather esp too and can be used with other weather mods. The question is what weather mod has marked which weather as what kind. If the weather mod you use has marked a visually cloudy weather as pleasant, the boni might look weird.

The daytime A-BAMs will automatically disappear if you have active nightvision. The weather A-BAM is not influenced by any nightvision mode.

The windspeed also counts as weather and can hardly influence your weapon skills with all projectile weapons. The fogs will lower the damage of all energy weapons, due to the dense water particles in the air.

Weather A-BAM:

- 2 Perception
- 3 Charisma.
+ 5 Sneak

- 2 Agility
- 1 Intelligence
+ 1 Endurance

+ 2 Critical chance
+ 10 Sneak
- 2 Luck
- 3 Perception

+ 15 Sneak skill
- 15 Action points
- 2 Agility

Wind speed:
In the GECK The wind speed can be set from 0.0 to 1.0
With every number from 0.1 to 1 your firearms skills decrease 2 points down to maximally -20 on the wind speed of 1.0

Neither a boni nor a malus.

Daytime A-BAM:

Sunrise & Sunset:
- 2 perception
- 5 to all firearm related skills
+ 1 critical hit chance

Neither a boni nor a malus.

- 10 to all firearm related skills
- 5 perception
+ 2 critical hit chance


I enhanced some of the villages and added a few new interiors.

Abandoned settlements:
There are several abandoned settlements that you can explore, scavenge or use as a base for your explorations. They all have two or three buildings with furnitures and containers. These settlements also have their map marker, so you can fast travel there.

Metro City:
A metro station that is inhabited by settlers. They have a everything a town needs: A Mayor, guards, sources of light, air, water and food, a market, full day work, a doctor, common places, a bar and so on. The only drawback are the occassional raids of sinister creatures who also live in the old Metro.

City Critters:
All cities and settlements now are populated with sweat little baby creatures to hug and kiss: Molerat babys, Rats, Wanamingos and Iguanas. If your Karma is lower than 0, you can activate these critters to push them aside. If your Karma is bigger than 0 you can activate a critter to get 1 Charisma point for 5 hours. The whole DC area is populated with neutral Iguanas and Rats too.


The VATS is now a more tactical toy to use: The probability to hit a target with 95% hit probability is now a little lower. You just have to rely on you luck (not the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. value :D ) to hit the enemy.

If you will hit a target, your enemy will be slowed down and you will speed up. If you will miss the target, your enemy will act in normal speed, the screen desaturates and you will be slowed down. So if you’re not sure if you should use the VATS, you should have a Mentat or a Med-X before you activate the VATS.

As I wrote above, some weapons and firemode will need higher amounts of action point to be used with the VATS. The highest value is 90, so either you put your points in agility, or you take a Jet to compensate the lacking action points, or you swith to the AIM firemode, or you do all of these things together.

Your hit chance while the VATS scenes play is decreased from +50% to +20% and the damage you inflict will be the same as in the real time mode.

Your weapon won’t take additional damage anymore if you use the VATS.


No, i didn't spell it wrong. In Fallout 3 it's Allchemy, because the things that you can make are All Chemic (yep, bad joke...). Allchemy makes it possible to put different ingredients into some chemical tools to brew, cook and create usefull potions. And why should we not, in an open world game with many different items? For now there are 46 recipes.

How Allchemy works:
It works simple. All over the wasteland you can find recipes for foods, drinks, poisons and pastes. You have to collet the recipes. The recipes are notes, that tell you which ingredients you need and what bonuses they will give you. Then you have to collect the ingredients. If you have both, go to the next big settlement and search for the WesTek ChemReac 90000. Activate it. The appearing menu will show you what you can brew with your current inventory items. Potions that you neither have the recipes or ingredients for won't show up.

Allchemic Potions won't be affected by the healing method that you choose to use in fo3tp.

Weapon Poisoning:
You can use the WesTek ChemReac 90000 to make Poison potions for your weapon. To apply them, equip the weapon that you want to poison. Then you must equip the poison. A messagebox will appear and ask you for confirmation. Now your next shot or strike will have the effect of the poison.

Using poisons:
There are four kinds of them: Radioactive, Fire, Poison, Energy.
They all damage the health. Some of the poisons that you can mix have other effects too: Damaging the walking speed, damaging the perception condition (so you can hide better), damaging the brain condition (if the actor has one, it can go frenzy), damaging the damage resistance and so on. You can see if you hit a target if the target plays the visual effect shader of the poison. The visual will play as long as the poison effects the actor.

Potion strength:
The time and strength of the potions and poisons will depend on your science skill: The values will change on 25/50/75 skillpoints. There are 4 kinds of strength: Weak, Normal, Strong and Uber. Not all kinds of poisons and potions can be brewed in all four strenghtes. some will only reach the "Normal" strength, others can reach an "Uber" strength. But the weaker ones also have their purpose.

Each of them does have its proper resistance value. That means, if you hit a target with high radiation resistance, the poison won't have a notable effect on it. And if you hit a target that is healed by radioactivity (Ghouls and in fo3tp Supermutants) it will be healed. So either you use a resistance reducing poison first or you get the Alchemist perk OR you do both things.
You should lso note, that you can't infect a robot wih a poison on a biological base.

Radiation Poisons:
In Fallout 3 normal ingame Radiation does have no effect on actors. Radiation poisons does have. They attack the health value, but the resistance value is the radiation resistance.


Here you can read thing that you should know about the changes in the files for the expansion packs.

The Pitt:
Added gruesome Trog Colosses. They are heavy to deafeat but carry valuable loot. Removed all stimpacks from the most health kits and replaced them with radaways. The trogs will now radiatie you for 1 minute on hit. You can only heal by sleeping or visiting a Doctor.

Defeated enemies won't spawn away. You can loot defeated enemies. Added some fitting fo3tp weapons. Added several new Chimera Tanks. Added a new weapon to help with battling chimera tanks (mortar). Added countless enemies. Removed all ammo and health station except the one in the base camp. You will now heal constantly, like in the Call of Duty games, as long as you are in the Simulation.

Broken Steel:
Just made it compatible.

Point Lookout:
Added Swamp Claws. Added some fo3tp weapons. You won't find many stimpaks in Point Lookout anymore, you have to eat Pungas or sleep to heal instead. Pungas now heal Limbs too. The Swamp Folk carries valuable home brewed foods, chems and poisons with them and can have domestic Werepigs. The Swamp Ghoul places can now spawn other swamp creatures too. Every Creature in Point Lookout got their time to hunt & wander and to sleep. While sleeping they aren't hostile.

Alternate Starts / Professions

Only the eqquipment is ready to go, neither the boni nor the starting points.

Professions/starts so far:

Contract Killer
- Starts at the Contract Killer house at the scrapyard
- Equipped with fine garment, a silenced 10mm pistol, and the Contract Killer Perk

- Starts in the Canterbury Commons fire house
- Equipped with a Firefighter Suit, an Axe, Scotchotov Cocktails and the Pyromaniac Perk

Brotherhood Initiate
- Starts in Falls Church
- Equipped with a Tesla Pistol and a Recon Armor

Outcast Initiate
- Starts at Fort Independance as an Outcast member
- Equipped with an Outcast recon armor and a Glock 176 PP

- Starts at Tenpenny Tower
- Equipped with 100 caps, a Police uniform, a .32 Revolver and a cattle prod

- Starts at the barm near the northwestern water reservoir
- Equipped with nice armo, a heavy melee weapon and a .32 Revolver

- Starts at "Gdforsaken Hellhole" Encounter Place
- Equipped with a Composite Rifle, a Scavenger Armor, repair parts and a Bladed Leadpipe

- Starts in the Greener pasture Disposal Site Dungeon
- Equipped with a hunting rifle, some poisons and an Environment suit

- Starts as a member of the Republic of Dave
- Wears only an old Brahmin Skin and a Sickle.

- Starts at Paradise Falls
- Equipped with a light armor and an effective submachinegun

- Starts at the exit of Evergreen Mills
- Equipped with a Spear, a very light armor, a tribal power helmet and some poisons and poison recipes.

Vault Security
- No extra start
- Equipped with a Police baton, a vault Security armor
- Got the Impartial Mediation and Child at heart Perks

- Starts at the most northeastern road in the map.
- Equipped with a shotgun, food and a light armor


Fallout3Tactics Main.esm
Stores every basic edition to the game and is needed by all other Fo3T plugin esp files. Contains all A-BAMs, the config terminal, all weapon and armor editions and additions, the mercenaries for hire, the configuration console. Replaces many statics in the wasteland with destructable materials.

Fallout3Tactics Creatures.esm
Adds the new creatures, makes the creature multispawn work, adds the Feral Ghouls who stray the 22 small-town ruins. Adds the new and / or changed creature spawn points. Adds Iguana nests to the wasteland. Adds the Super Mutant weapon lists.

Fallout3Tactics Npcs.esp
Adds the new NPCs and their armor lists, Brahmin farmers, Military Remnant Ghouls, edited Chinese Remnant Ghouls, Talon Company, Raider, Enclave, Brotherhood, Outcast – edits all NPCs. Adds the pet vendor. Adds Military Remnant Ghouls and Chinese patrols to the Arlington cemetery.

Fallout3Tactics Food.esp
Adds the edited food. The new creature foods aren't influenced by this file. It mainly exists to grant compatibility with diverse plugins that use or edit food for things like hunger and thirst.

Fallout3Tactics Wasteland.esp
Adds a lot of containers to the wasteland to be looted. Replaces many containers with rusted and aged versions. All wasteland graves have lootable burial mounds. All explodable vehicles have more health. Makes all clutter and many other things destroyable. All radiating explosions will radiate the environment for much longer. Adds tons of clutter items to the small-town ruins. Adds the new textures for grounds, grass and trees. Adds armors to find in the wasteland. Adds some hidden weapons in deserted places. Adds the exploding barrels.

Fallout3Tactics Quests.esp
Adds new quest parts to the main quest. Adds many new encounters. Add a new side quest, makes many unique encounter repeatable and edits the Brotherhood Outcast technology quest rewards. Lets you bring all energy weapons and Power Armors to the Outcasts. Edits the Forts Independence interiors. Lets you enter Fort independence as soon as the Outcasts trust you.

Fallout3Tactics Weapons.esp
Adds all new weapons to the levelled lists. This is an extra esp, so you can use any weapon mod with this plugin. This esp file doesn't contain the weapon lists for the Super Mutants.

Fallout3Tactics Citys.esp
Metro City, Abandoned Settlements.

Fallout3Tactics VATS.esp
Contains the edited VATS cameras, to show missed attacks in monochrome and edits the slowdown speeds.

Fallout3Tactics testhouse.esp
Adds a door next to the configuration terminal, that leads into a shack with all weapons and armors. Either to pick and wear them or to look what awaits you on your journey through the wasteland.

Fallout3Tactics Landscape Dead.esp
Gives the wasteland a dead and unhealthy look.

Fallout3Tactics Landscape Dead.esp
Makes the wasteland a more or less living place.

Fallout3Tactics ISFX.esp
Contains the explosion Imagespace Effects.

Fallout3Tactics Power Armors.esp
Adds the Fo3t Power armors to the leveled lists.

Fallout3Tactics Weather.esp
Stores the weather.



To play this plugin you must begin with a new character. If you install a big mod, that adds a lot of content, it is good to activate the esp files one by one between the game starts.


Fo3T Load Order & Installation guide:

(Fallout 3 esm file & all expansion pack esm files)

[X] Fallout3Tactics.esm
[X] Fallout3Tactics Creatures.esm

(All other files if you want to give the Fallout 3 Tactics mod the priority)

[X] Fallout3Tactics NPCs.esp
[X] Fallout3Tactics Food.esp
[X] Fallout3Tactics Wasteland.esp
[X] Fallout3Tactics Quests.esp
[X] Fallout3Tactics Weapons.esp
[X] Fallout3Tactics Citys.esp
[X] Fallout3Tactics VATS.esp
[X] Fallout3Tactics TestHouse.esp
[ ] Fallout3Tactics Landscape Dead.esp (OR the one below)
[ ] Fallout3Tactics Landscape Living.esp (OR the one above)
[X] Fallout3Tactics ISFX.esp
[X] Fallout3Tactics Power Armors.esp
[X] Fallout3Tactics Weather.esp

(All other files if you want to give other mods priority over Fallout 3 Tactics)

(All Compatibility Patches)

1.: Simply put the .bsa files, the .esm files and the .esp files to your Fallout3\Data folder.

2.: Check all the esp files who's changes you want to be active.

3.: Start your preferred fallout 3 launcher.

4.: Check the .esm files and the .esp files you want to use.

5.: Correct the load order per drag and drop, as instructed above.

6.: Start the game, configure the mod at the ingame terminla at the springvale ruins and have fun.

The following list shows you a load order with ALL mod files. If there are mod files that you don't want to use (for example MMM No Wanamingos) you can ignore them in your load order. The fo3tp compatibility files just need the main .esm files of FWE or MMM. If you see an ;OR between two listed files, you must chose only ONE of them.

Load order for MMM & FWE & Fotp:



FO3 Wanderers Edition - Main File.esm


Fallout3Tactics NPCs.esm
Fallout3Tactics Creatures.esm

Mart's Mutant Mod.esm




Fallout3Tactics CP LingCoiffeur.esp
Fallout3Tactics CP LingsCoiffeur DLC.esp

FO3 Wanderers Edition - Main File.esp
FO3 Wanderers Edition - Alternate Travel.esp
FO3 Wanderers Edition - Followers Enhanced (BrokenSteel).esp
FO3 Wanderers Edition - Followers Enhanced.esp

Fallout3Tactics Food.esp
Fallout3Tactics Wasteland.esp
Fallout3Tactics Quests.esp
Fallout3Tactics Weapons.esp

Fallout3Tactics Citys.esp
Fallout3Tactics VATS.esp
Fallout3Tactics TestHouse.esp
Fallout3Tactics Landscape Living.esp
Fallout3Tactics Landscape Dead.esp
Fallout3Tactics ISFX.esp

Fallout3Tactics Power Armors.esp

; OR

Fallout3Tactics CP Power Armors FWE.esp

Fallout3Tactics CP FWE.esp

Fallout3Tactics CP EVE.esp

Mart's Mutant Mod.esp
Mart's Mutant Mod - Hunting & Looting.esp
Mart's Mutant Mod - Tougher Traders.esp
Mart's Mutant Mod - Natural Selection.esp
Mart's Mutant Mod - Zones Respawn.esp
Mart's Mutant Mod - No DLC Increased Spawns.esp
Mart's Mutant Mod - No Corpse Flies.esp
Mart's Mutant Mod - No Ghoul Raise.esp

Fallout3Tactics CP MMM FWE.esp

; OR

Fallout3Tactics CP MMM.esp



; OR

FO3 Wanderers Edition - DLC The Pitt.esp
FO3 Wanderers Edition - DLC Anchorage.esp
FO3 Wanderers Edition - DLC Broken Steel.esp
FO3 Wanderers Edition - DLC Point Lookout.esp
FO3 Wanderers Edition - DLC Mothership Zeta.esp

; OR

Mart's Mutant Mod - DLC Anchorage.esp
Mart's Mutant Mod - DLC The Pitt.esp
Mart's Mutant Mod - DLC Broken Steel.esp
Mart's Mutant Mod - DLC Point Lookout.esp
Mart's Mutant Mod - DLC Zeta.esp

Fallout3Tactics Weather.esp



1.: Go into a building with NO creatures or NPCs.
2.: Put all the items from your inventory into a container.
3.: Save.
4.: Update the files.
5.: Load your saved game.
6.: Wait six days to let everything respawn with the probably updated stats.
6.: Save.
7.: Done.

If you don’t do these things, an update can easily corrupt your savegame. I make a lot of changes with every new version and these changes may not be compatible or may make your load order incompatible. It may also happen that a former compatible mod won’t run with Fo3T anymore or that you have to start a new character. This is why you should read the update section to check if Fo3T adds a content that can cause incompatibilities.



- Nightvision/Sunglass screen tint won’t work after equipping it very fast several times in the pipboy inventory menu.
That’s not a bug. It’s a technical thing. If you unequip the helmet or sunglass too fast, the script gets “irritated” and doesn’t check the right flag anymore. To fix this, unequip the item, enter the config console and switch the nightvision/sunglass screen tint off and then on again.

- The added max carried weight won't increase instantly after equipping a power armor
Technically too. Exit the pipboy after equipping it, wait a second and the script works.

- Holes in the worldspace
Very, very, very rare now. Leave the cell, let it alone for 3 days and come back. I don't know what causes it.

- Crashes to Desktop
Still existent. Unexplainable to me...

- Performance problems.
If you have them, you should deactivate the "Fo3T Wasteland.esp" and the "Fo3T Weather.esp"